Bedroom Colors Determine Your Emotion

Cozy Bedroom Design IdeaChoosing a bedroom color sounds like an easy thing to do. What is so difficult to choose one color, apply it, and then live in the room with the color that you have selected? But apparently, the color choice will affect your quality of life. Each color has a specific effect on the ability to stimulate the occupants of the room.

For example, the colors which tend to be warm will appear more active. These colors tend to have a stimulant effect for people who are in a warm-colored bedroom. Meanwhile, the colors that seem cool like blue, green, purplish blue, and most of the groups of gray provide a calming effect.

If you do not like the cool colors, then simply choose warm colors. However, you should use softer shades. For example, yellow or pink. These colors can provide a calming effect.

Brian Patrick Flynn, an interior designer, has his own opinion about the paint color in a bedroom. “For the bedroom that seem sexy or romantic,” says Flynn, “I like to set myself on dark colors such as olive, purple, navy blue, or charcoal color. Those clients who are interested in a peace and quiet room, I quickly suggest bluish gray, like Sherwin-Williams of Krypton, greenish, or to coat the entire room with the color white, including the furniture and sheets. ”

The only option that would not be made ​​by Flynn is the use of high-energy colors such as bright green, bright red, dark red, or tropical colors.

Another designer, Kimberly Ayres, seems to have a more convenient option for women’s eyes. Ayres chose bright and fun colors , like pale green, beige, and white. “I like a peaceful yet happy bedroom. Try using a smooth combination, like pale green, champagne color, and then mix them in a fresh pattern,” she said.

Finally, the designer Grant K. Gibson agrees with Ayres. Gibson recommends you choose the simple, timeless, and classic colors. “I like to keep the color of the bedroom simple, timeless, and classic. By keeping the goods remain neutral, you will avoid the trend and can still have fun with other items, such as pillowcases, bedside tables, and lamps. Add a burst of color for a more festive atmosphere”

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