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Making Your Home Beautiful and Attractive with a Modern Minimalist Facade

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Category: Building Concept, Exterior Designs
Minimalist Facade House Design

image credit: chictip.com

Being the front of a building that looks onto a street, a facade is usually regarded as the face of the building. As a building face, a facade will create the first impression to those who see it. A beautiful and attractive facade is able to add value to the building and make it have a distinctive visual appeal.

There are several ways to make a facade look beautiful and attractive. Using colors is a simple way, yet it is able to make us surprised with its new look then. Black, white, or grey seems to be a common color used for a modern house. That’s why when we use another color, especially the bright one, in a certain part of the facade, its look will change. In addition to color, we can also make a facade look beautiful, attractive, and even unique by considering the shape. It can be done by determining the field and also the mass of the building. Either square or rectangle is a design example of a facade shape.

Nowadays many modern minimalist homes have a facade which is dominated by rectangular or square shapes. The simple, elegant, and modern design of the facade has become a favorite of many home owners. It’s no wonder that developers also apply this modern minimalist style. However, as time changes, a modern minimalist facade design have been modified over time, such as the application of strip textures, natural stones, and colorful colors. There are also a lot of architecture design software, either that with payment or free, which can help us design a building in a wide range of shape and color options. The following are some example of modern minimalist facade designs that may inspire you.

Facade House Design

image credit: axsoris.com

Minimalist Facade

image credit: nhit-shis.org

Black and WHite Exterior Design

image credit: mojafasada.si

Facade Design of Wooden House

image credit: axsoris.com


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