Best Location for Kitchen According to Feng Shui

Modern Minimalist Kitchen with Cool FurnitureThere are many parts of house that should be built by considering Feng Shui. One of the is the kitchen. For you who want to apply the science of Feng Shui for kitchen, you should understand how to position the kitchen appropriately. Here’s how:

1 Close to backyard 
Feng Shui luck can be seen from how you put the kitchen in the right position. For a kitchen, it should be close to the backyard. This relates to the positive energy that you will receive. With a position close to the outdoor life then the kitchen will get healthy fresh air.

2 Close to bathroom

Another proper kitchen position is near the bathroom. It is associated with the element of water from the shower which can blend with the kitchen fire element. In that way the neutral atmosphere can be felt in your home. You do not have to worry about water and fire that can not be united. In the science of Feng Shui, each element can be united in a proper way.

3 Far from family room 
The position of the kitchen should be considered thoroughly to avoid negative energy. It is very advisable to put your kitchen far from the family room because it relates to the kitchen airflow that can spread throughout the room. If the kitchen is close to the family room, the kitchen air from the cuisine may result in negative energy. So try to separate it from the family room.

4 Dining room, kitchen, and bathroom 
You should consider these three rooms properly. Do not design them carelessly. The application of the Feng Shui should be total and correct so that you can invite a good luck to your home. Although the bathroom can be close to the kitchen, you still need to note the position of the dining room. Keep the dining room near the kitchen does not close to the bathroom. According to the science of Feng Shui, dining room near the bathroom will cause negative energy.

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