Best Wall Paint Colors for Kids’ Bedrooms

Green Wall Paint for Kids BedroomThere is no other place to express the personality and imagination of children other than their own bedroom. And sometimes, a beautiful dream can also be caused by the right colors and a bit of creativity on the walls.

A home design expert who is also an author of Feng Shui for Teens, De Anna Radaj, suggests some appropriate colors for a child’s bedroom.

Add a touch of nature in the child’s bedroom wall with green paint color. It belongs to neutral color and is very easy to be combined with other colors. Radaj states that using green as a primary or secondary color in the bedroom color scheme is very good because it can help children sleep soundly at night.

White can help make a room seem larger and is great to use in smaller spaces. But when you want to match it with another color you should be careful to avoid the space looks sterile or harsh. White is recommended as a secondary color or accent color.

You can use blue as an accent color or secondary basis color for either a girls’ or boys’ bedroom. You can apply blue on the desk or on the bedroom rug.

Brown can be used in any room, especially in the large room as an accent or secondary color. To break up the monotony of the color impression, Radaj suggests that you mix and match brown color with bright colors such as green, white, or pink.

In terms of Feng Shui, purple is associated with the element of water and also wealth. Pair purple with green to create an impression of growth within the bedroom. Alternatively, you can make the contrast with the yellow tones to highlight certain areas of the room.

Pink is not just for girls. This color is very nice and bright so it can work as a base color for your child’s bedroom. To obtain a light touch, use this color as a secondary or accent color. Match it with green and white or brown.

This color can give a sense of peace and quiet, especially when mixed with blue and green (turquoise). You can apply it singly or pair it with pink, brown, blue, or white. This color is also good to use as a color transition, as it will be seen more sophisticated in a color palette, not as a primary color.

If your child does not like the overly bright colors, such as white, gray can be chosen to give the impression of cold. Gray belongs to the best secondary neutral colors. To make the room look more elegant, combine it with pop or metal colored furniture.

This color is very strong, bright, and perfect. Try matching it with white bed, and you can see the exciting result. This color can also be paired with other colors, such as blue, green, purple, or even brown.

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