Beware of Allergens in Your Home

Cleaning the House Preventing from AllergiesA home should be the safest place for the owners. A well maintained house which is kept clean definitely provides positive effects on the health of the people inside.

However, for those of you with allergies, you might question on which part of the house become the source of allergy. Check around the house carefully, note the top and bottom surfaces which are hardly reached by cleaning tools, air, and light.

Follow these tips to rid your home of nasty germs, dust off allergens.

Living room
The windows are usually made of iron, aluminum or wood that is easy to make germs and dust stick. For those of you who diligently open the window to change the air, clean the windows every time after you close it.

Dust and dirt in tiny particles easily stick in the bottom of the sofa. Many people tend to clean the couch only on the visible surfaces, letting the dust on the bottom part keep sticking.

Carpet is the most appropriate mediation for dust to stick and last a long time there.

Bedroom furniture which features cotton, hairs, or leather is very easy to get dirty and exposed to dust, even if you always wash your feet when you want to climb into bed. This does not guarantee the dirt and dust off along the bedroom floor or carpet clean. Change your bed sheets on a regular basis.

The toilet bowl is a place for bacteria, dust, germs and dirt. Viruses will be issued through the air inside the toilet and the waste water pipelines in the bedroom.

Damp bathroom curtains due to the continuous expose to water will cause allergy to your skin, making it feel itchy.

Cabinets or shoe racks. Footwear which is often used to move both inside and outside the room is very likely to step on dirt, dust, germs and bacteria on the streets.

Pet feeding bowls are very likely contaminated with bacteria, germs, and dirt issued by the animal. Do not wash and put them near your kitchen and dining equipment.

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