Booming Home Design Trend in 2014

Shabby Chic Apartment InteriorEvery year the trend for interiors changes. A number of expert designers predict what will be the interior trends for this year. Expert designers predict not only the color and material and pattern, but also decorations to furniture which may become a trend in 2014. Here is what will become the trend of home design 2014:

1 . Color
The year 2014 is dominated by bold colors such as blue and purple. Blue is associated with the color bringing calmness and a cooler atmosphere inside the house. In addition to using it for meditation, you can use the blue color in the bedroom. But, if you want to make the room lighter, the combination of blue and light gray or white can make the room seem more airy.

Besides blue, the color purple is also expected to boom in 2014. The color purple which seems elegant and graceful will be great to be combined with a variety of styles such as art deco, Rococo, and eclecticism. Soft purple color is believed to create happiness and can relieve stress.

2. Natural materials
In terms of materials, natural materials are predicted to be a trend for interior furniture this year. Nowadays, designers become more creative in combining modern materials with natural materials. Natural materials that are often used are stone, metal and wood.

3 . Geometric and floral patterns
For pattern, the designers predict that abstract and geometric patterns will boom this year. As for motifs, the floral one on a white background is going to be a trend.

4 . Exclusive furniture
This year, designers will focus more on exclusive designs for furniture. Everything is made ​​even more special for the customers. This is because the mass-produced furniture is considered to have lost its relevance.

5 . Shabby chic
Shabby Chic style decor is predicted to boom this year. Shabbiness is a little vintage décor which looks natural.

6 . Functional furniture
In this fast -paced age, customers tend to prefer everything which is very practical, including furniture. Furniture designers in 2014 will be presenting a sleek shape and ergonomic furniture. Consumers are also smarter in choosing furniture. And they will mostly choose furniture that is functional; furniture that has many functions.

7 . Eco design
Environmental issues are becoming one of the hot topics in 2014. No wonder that the interior is also designed with an eco-friendly concept, such as vertical garden or mini garden.

8 . Handmade decoration
Handmade decoration such as knitted and embroider accessories will be the trend in 2014, such as knitted blanket and bench.

9 . Fusion style
Mixing and matching the style is still going to be the trend this year. For instance, people will combine traditional style with the modern one or so-called fusion.

That is the designers’ prediction on home design trend in 2014. You can start doing something with your home, such as your furniture, decoration, and color, so that your home design will stay trendy.

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