Bringing the Colors of Fire Element for Good Home Interior Feng Shui

Contemporary Red White Dining RoomChoosing colors for your home interior could be a challenging task. You have to consider a lot of things in order to create a comfortable and beautiful home interior, including the Feng Shui.

Bringing the fire element into the home interior is another challenge. To do so, you can apply some fire colors in your house which include red, pink, yellow, orange and purple. Fortunately, you cannot carelessly use those colors since each color has its own meaning.

Red for wealth
Red means spirit, like the flames. It encourages the house occupants, you, to earn money so that wealth will comes to you. Although less suitable, it is still okay to bring red to your living room. This color would be much suitable for a living room which is connected to a dining room. In addition, red is appropriate for other rooms include bedroom and family room.

The romantic pinkĀ 
Pink is more appropriate for a bedroom because it gives the impression of a romantic space. The warmth of a family will be created by applying this color for bedrooms.

The bright yellow
Yellow is a bright color which is appropriate for a kitchen. Applying this color in a kitchen is believed to make the house occupants optimistic when doing something in their life.

Orange, the sun color
This color is appropriate for a bedroom, living room, and dining room. Like the red color in home Feng Shui, the color orange makes you a more focus person. You will focus on the work you are doing and will not be easily distracted by something or someone.

Purple for spirit
Purple belongs to colors that are rarely found in a house. Meanwhile, in Feng Shui, the color purple means passion and motivation of your life. This color is suitable to be applied in a bedroom.

Now that you already know what each fire element color means, you can start choosing the colors for each room of your house. Good luck.

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