Bulthaup B3 Kitchen Brings Limitless Design Freedom for Your Living Space

bulthaup b3 kitchen 1 Kitchens have always become a favorite space to talk about. Today we want to show you kitchen designs from Bulthaup – a German company producing kitchens without any unnecessary decorations. Everything you see in Bulthaup kitchens has an important function. B3 is the latest Bulthaup kitchen which brings limitless design freedom to your living space. It is a system of boxes and storage units that can be moved, added, or removed to create the best configuration of yours. The multi-function wall is the base element of B3 in which the Bulthaup cabinets and other things such as cooktops, water point, electrical appliance, and myriad accessories are hung. There is also a series of modular prisms repeated inside the drawers and vertically on the wall.

The interior organization of Bulthaup B3 involves various sizes of internal dividers in oak, walnut, and aluminum. The kitchen offers a varied selection of authentic materials such as stainless steel, solid wood, veneer, and aluminum. In addition, the 1 cm thick worktops are available in synthetic stone and granite. The mixture of the materials and the juxtapositions of modern are just inviting. If you are interested in this system, you could visit Bulthaup’s site.

bulthaup b3 kitchen 2

bulthaup b3 kitchen 3

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bulthaup b3 kitchen 5

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