Causes Leaking Roof and How to Overcome It

Water Leaking Through The CeilingLeaky roofs are surely very disturbing. The damaged ceiling and water droplets can damage the goods in your house. Due to this, you have to move the goods and furniture under the leaking roof to another safe place. All in all, leaks in the roof should be repaired as soon as possible.

These are the causes and how to cope with a leaky roof:

1. Low slope roof
Low slope roof will make the water flow not quickly from the roof to the ground, especially during heavy rain. As a result, the water will stay on the roof and look for any small gap there, especially on the connection / assembly of roof covering (such as tile, asbestos, etc.). This will lead to a leak. Good roof slope angle is 30-40 degrees so that rain water can quickly flow down towards the drain.

2. Less appropriate installation of roof
In order for the roof not to leak, roof coverings such as asbestos, tile or zinc alum must be properly installed. Do not leave any gap that can cause rain water enter it. Tiles must be installed in the proper way so they can interlock each other. We recommend using tiles made of good quality materials. In addition to having a precise shape, they must be more durable and not easily cracked or leak.

3. Problems with rain gutter
Gutters are channels that drain water from the roof surface leading to the sewer. Make sure that the gutters are installed correctly. The connection on any gutters should be considered with proper installation techniques as well. Use gutters with good quality material, so that they are more durable and resistant to heat. The size of the gutters should be in accordance with the debit of the water, meaning that the gutters should be adjusted to the width of the roof. If the size of the gutter is too small, it will make the water flow not smoothly. This can lead to leaks in the roof because the water will go to the tile sidelines.

4. Gaps in the ridge of the roof
Check the ridge if there is a leak or a gap. As the ridge is the highest part of the roof, so here is the beginning of the flow of water coming. On this ridge tile usually installed knock tiles which are reinforced with mortar. If the composition of cement and sand is not right, this can lead to cracks that allow water to enter through the crevices.

5. Trash on the roof
Maintaining the cleanliness of the roofs can reduce the risk of a leak. Garbage like leaves is very often the cause of the leak. If a lot of garbage piles up on the roof or gutters, it will impede the flow of water to quickly flow down, and at the end spill to the roof sidelines.

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