Changing Your Room’s Size using Colors

Dark Living Room Design IdeaColor can be said as a magic thing which can manipulates the size of a room. It can make a room look larger or narrower. You might ever have a problem related to your home interior condition which you think is not ideal such as a study room which is too small or a bedroom with low ceiling. This condition gives psychological influences to the room users. Thus, the room will not feel comfortable due to its size.

To change the psychological effects on a certain room, try changing the color of the walls. The selection of the right color will provide a new atmosphere which might be better.

Making a narrow room feel more spacious
Painting the walls with bright colors will make an interior feel much spacious. Bright colors make the distance among walls seems further that it actually is. White is the best color choice for this case. The similar effects can be obtained by applying light blue or pale blue. It would be more optimal when the application of the bright colors is combined with big windows as a medium for sunlight to come in. The narrow and stuffy impression will be reduced then.

Making a room feel smaller and warmer
Dark colors can make a large room feels much smaller or narrower. You can build a room mood which is more intimate, warmer, and cozier using this dark color. Painting the walls in dark colors will make the distance among the walls feel closer that the reality. You can choose light red, maroon, or brown.

Manipulating a room’s height
Colors can also make the ceiling of a room feel shorter or higher. The room will feel much higher when the ceiling is painted in a lighter color than the bathroom color. This method is suitable for a room with a low ceiling such as an apartment unit. In addition, you can choose small and short furniture to create an impression of a higher room. Conversely, you can make a room feels shorter by applying dark colors on the ceiling.

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