Chinoiserie Style: An Inviting Home Decor for Chinese New Year

Chinoiserie Interior Home DecorFor those of you who celebrate the Chinese New Year, decorating your home with the lunar theme can bring more joy and happiness. To welcome the Chinese New Year, let’s try designing a dream home with Chinoiserie style. This style is a combination of European and Asian style which is designed elegantly and symmetrically. It blends the classic European furniture and decoration with a touch of the traditional Asian accents. This combination results in an Asian traditional design which is elegant and light because the color and complex details have been reduced. The common color which is used is the combination of blue and white. Well, the following are some tips to design a Chinoiserie style interior for your Chinese New Year home decorations:

  • Choose classic furniture – cabinets, chairs or sofas – with wood as the main material. Brown wood will create a warm impression, while other vintage colors will look classic.
  • Give accents. You can do it by putting cushions on the couch or using silk sofa upholstery with the color blue, white or green. Use Asian traditional pattern such as dragons, fish, birds and figures of Chinese mythology.
  • To reinforce the theme of Chinoiserie style, use silk wallpaper with bird pattern, bamboo, ancient wall paintings, and others, with a blue or white base color.
  • Put Chinese ceramic jars, plates, teapots in various sizes on the corner of the room or on the table.
  • Add chandeliers made ​​of copper with classic lines.
  • Furthermore, arrange the overall furniture and accessories symmetrically.

Adding an oriental touch through the accessories
If you want a low-cost and cheap Chinese New Year home decoration, you can simply use the existing furniture and then add some little accents in the form of Chinoiserie accessories in your home. You can probably transform your home into a contemporary Chinoiserie style. Here are several tips for Chinese New Year home decorating with low budget:

  • Arrange antique Chinese plates with various sizes on the coffee table or in your living room table.
  • Add accessories such as jars on your console table. It will create an oriental touch.
  • Alternatively, add a distinctive painting from China, in the form of landscape or animal Chinese mythology as a backdrop for your living room.
  • Select the most appropriate wall area to be the point of interest of the room. Add wallpaper with a typical Chinese bird motif with a base color of white, blue or green.
  • Cover your cushions with upholstery which has a typical Chinese motif. It should have the same color tone with the sofa so that everything will stay elegant.
  • Display either antique furniture in the age of Chinoiserie. The contrast created by the classic furniture and the modern one will be uniquely inviting.
  • The key arrangement is do not hesitate to mix match traditional or Chinoiserie accessories with your modern furniture. The result will be interesting and exotic.

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