Choose Furniture That is Durable and Safe for Your Family

Cute Wooden Furniture for KidsHigh quality furniture for home is very necessary, especially if you have kids. Always make sure that every piece of furniture in your home is safe for your kids. Also, if you have pets such as dogs and cats, you should choose furniture that is strong; not easily damaged.

Here are some furniture materials which are durable and safe for your family:

The first material you should choose for the sofa is leather. A small accident like spilled drink can be easily cleaned from the leather sofa surface. This material will even look more attractive as time goes by. Therefore, it will not hurt you to try using it.

Unfortunately, this material is only suitable for those who have small kids or those who pet dogs. For you cat lovers, you should avoid this material because cats like scratching. In addition, leather is also expensive. If you just feel that you want to spend your money for something more important, then try using a micro suede. This material can be cleaned using a damp cloth.

For kitchen top table surface, we recommend that you use the surface of quartz stone (Caesarstone). It is simply because it is not easily scratched and cracked. Avoid the use of wood as the surface of the kitchen table and floor. It can be tough, especially because the wood has a strong character that is very pretty. Unfortunately, wood is easily scratched. Just make sure your pet dogs or cats have short nails that will not damage the wood.

For your floor, in addition to avoiding the use of wood, also avoid the use of fur rugs or hide rugs. Do not use of this type of carpet in a room that is often used, especially by your pets. The beauty of the fur can quickly disappear because your pet cannot tell the difference between the hide rugs and toys.

Let’s now move outside your home; your yard. Pebbles can be a threat to your home since kids might like throwing them to the window. Also, the pebbles might be brought to your home which finally damage the floor. Instead of using pebbles to cover the yard, you can cover part of the yard or the pathway with concrete. Such pathway will look clean, neat, and comfortable as a children’s playground. Just make sure you’re still leaving open surface for the growth of the grass and the catchment area.

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