Choose the Most Appropriate Furniture Arrangement for Your Family Room

Modern Living Room with Comfortable Couch and Cool BookshelfThe family room is one room in the house that is most frequently used by all family members. Interestingly, not all people feel confident when arranging furniture in this room. To that end, this article will help you organize your family room. Here’s how:

There are five common family furniture arrangements. Each arrangement will provide its own effect. Try to adjust to the needs of your family.

The first furniture arrangement for the family room has a focal point in it. In homes, the television generally becomes the focal point in the family room. Actually, the focal point could be other things, such as a bookshelf.

Arrange the seats so that they point to the focal point. To adapt these layout, try moving the sofa or adding cushions on the floor. In order for all family members to enjoy the TV program, make sure you communicate with each other.

The second furniture arrangement is emphasized on the conversation. Typically, for the families who are no longer concerned with television program and more concerned with togetherness and intimacy, this arrangement is more suitable for them.

The key in organizing the family room in this arrangement is to make a circle of couches and chairs. This arrangement can make all the family members talk to each other face to face. In addition, it is also suitable for those who like to hold a social gathering or party at home. Just make sure there is space to walk behind the sofa.

The third furniture arrangement for family room seems to be ideal for those who have small children. In this arrangement, you can provide a kid play area with the floor covered by carpet. Divide the the playing area and the sitting area with a coffee table. At first glance, this arrangement is similar to the first arrangement. However, the space between the coffee table and the television can be installed with carpet. Prepare a place to store toys. You can put it neatly under the coffee table or next to the couch.

In the forth furniture arrangement, you can also focus on the visual balance. Make the coffee table as the focal point in your family. Then, put the couch on the right, the left, and the two other sides.

The fifth furniture arrangement, in addition to providing visual balance, also make the family room look symmetric. It is more symmetric, ranging from the layout of the couch, artwork, and lamps, making the family room look more formal. In contrast, the less symmetric, the more casual the room.

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