Choosing the Best Exterior Paint Colors for Your House

pink orange exterior paintImage credit: Wikimedia Commons

Your exterior house paint colors play an important role in your house. It will represent the look and atmosphere of your whole spaces in the house. Many homeowners want their house to show a cool and fresh ambiance. To deal with this, you can choose exterior paint color combinations which are able to make your house feel cooler. Dark paint colors will absorb heat up to 70-90% from the whole solar radiation spread at the area. Part of this heat will enter your interior and resulting in a hot atmosphere there. Thus, it will require more energy to cool the interior up to 20%. On the other hand, bright colors will reflect most of light and heat away from your house. Bright doesn’t always mean white, but you can choose other colors such as light green or light blue. Well, the following are some tips on how to choose the right exterior paint colors for homes.

  • Pay attention on the color of your roofs. If you have grey roofs, you are free to choose any color for your exterior since grey is a neutral color.
  • Consider you interior paint color, too. If your interior is painted in cream, don’t pick grey for the exterior. It will create an non-harmonious atmosphere and will not be comfortable to live in. If you have warm color in the interior such as yellow or brown, then choose warm color such as cream for the exterior. When your interior is blue or green, you can pick light grey for the exterior.
  • Avoid choosing too bright or too dark colors since the colors will easily change/fade. Simply pick neutral colors which will last longer and you will not need to paint your house again and again.
  • If your house features some ornaments such as natural stones, fountain, pergola, or deck, consider the color balance between the exterior and the ornaments too.

Well, those are some tips you can do in choosing exterior paint color schemes for your house. Below are some pictures of exterior paint color ideas which might give you an inspiration.

grey exterior paintImage credit: CertaPro Painters

white green exterior paintImage credit: A Little Happy

yellow exterior paintImage credit: Garden Web

blue exterior paintImage credit: Easy Choice Exteriors 

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