Choosing the Right Colors for Home Interior According to Feng Shui

Feng Shui for Interior Wall Paint ColorsBeing well-known as Chinese architecture science, Feng Shui becomes an important part in every building construction and renovation process. Feng Shui has rules and principles about anything related to home construction, starting from the foundation up to wall paint selection and furniture.

In terms of interior wall paint color selection, it is suggested that you choose the right colors according to Feng Shui. It will not only provide good aesthetics, but also provide positive energy for your daily life.

You are never allowed to choose paint colors for home interior carelessly. There are many things to consider, including the condition outside your house. The sunlight which enters the house will provide a certain effect to the interior color. Thus, make sure you choose a color which gives the best effect for your home. For an area which is always exposed to natural light, you can try bright colors such as orange or light brown.

The following are interior wall paint color options according to Feng Shui:

  1. White (metal). In the science of Feng Shui, white symbolizes a new life or beginning and purity. You can apply white in your bedroom and kitchen. However, this color is not recommened for children areas and dining room.
  2. Green (wood): Similar to leaves, green represents fertility and growth. This color is suitable for bedroom, but not for public areas such as living room or children play area.
  3. Blue (water): This color symbolizes peace and spirituality. It is very recommended for prayer room and meditation room. Yet, like the color green, blue is not suitable for children play area and living room.
  4. Brown (earth): Brown, which is very suitable for a study room, represents elegant and stable feeling. This color should be used for bedroom.
  5. Red (fire): Red represents something which is dominant. Red on an object could create an illusion of a larger room. In contrast, when applied on the wall, red tends to make a room look smaller. This color can be used in the bedroom, dining room, and work room.

Regardless the color selection guides above, Feng Shui never forbids you to experiment with any color you like, since basically Feng Shui talks about how you can get a comfortably and happy life. It means that if you feel happy and comfortable with your own color selection, that the color is something good.

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