Choosing the Right Wall Paint Colors: What to Consider

bright interiorWhen designing a house, there are a lot of things to think of. One of them is about the wall paint colors. Nowadays you can find unlimited various colors for the wall paint. It may make you confused on what color to choose. Is there any formula in choosing the wall paint? Well, there is no formula for this. Any color is just right because it is an art. In arts, there is always freedom; freedom to choose. The most important thing you should know is that colors reflect the personality and the lifestyle of the homeowners. When you choose the colors, you need to consider many things. The following are the explanations.

Room’s Size – If you have a small sized room, you can deal with it by choosing a light color for the wall and a neutral one for the furniture. Some bright colors can be used for some interesting patterns in, say, cushion, pot, lamp, or painting. If there is not much decoration in the room, you can choose a textured paint. The following is an example of textured paint.

Building’s Location– The location of your house also plays a role when you determining what wall paint color to choose. For example, if you life in a tropical climate area, you are suggested choose cool or neutral color. Green, or blue, or violet walls will create a cool atmosphere.

Building’s Position – If your house faces to the north, southwest, or northwest, your rooms might not get direct sunlight. The appropriate wall paint color fort this house is any warm color such as yellow chiffon, brown, and soft peach. Meanwhile, if the house has a lot of sunlight, you better reduce the color tone by choosing cool colors such as green, blue, grey, and lavender.

Room’s Type – For parents or adults’ room, you can choose a comfortable and calm color which is conducive to a good sleep. For kids’ room, a more stimulating color is preferred. While, warm colors as well as basic colors are appropriate to be used in an office.

Room’s Shape – A long narrow room will look larger if one or both shorter sides are painted in bright or dark color, while the other sides are painted in a matching pale color. If you have a big square room without any window or focal point, you can add a color with strong accent in of the four sides. It will make the room more interesting and different. For example, you can paint the three walls in white, and one in purple.

Room’s Height – Different ceiling colors will create different impressions. White ceiling will make the room look higher, while the dark color will make the room look shorter. A wide room with high ceiling will be more comfortable to stay in if you make it a drop ceiling with a certain accent such as wallpaper in the edge, either above or under the wall.

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