Color Ideas to Make a Small Room Feel Spacious

Tiny Ikea Living Room DesignA tiny room may limit our creativity in arranging the furniture in it and decorate it so. This room also sometimes makes most people not dare to apply bold colors.

But this time, there are some inspiring beautiful colors that you can apply in your small room. By using these colors, you can transform your small room into a wider space immediately. What colors to use? Here’s the explanation:

Pastel colors
Want to make your living room more spacious and romantic? Using pastel colors is the right choice. Simply mix and match it with sofas, lamps, and some other additional accessories with matching pastel colors.

Neutral colors
Who says neutral colors are boring? Black and white can widen the room. These colors are also able to balance between light and shadow. Add gray color so that the room seem to have more volume and expressive.

Bright colors
Try to apply a bright color on one of your furniture, say, your couch. These bright colors can make your room more alive. You can use the color purple on the couch or on the couch cushion.

Bright colors also make the room more spacious. In addition to the sofa, you can use a bright color on the other furniture such as shelves. By using bright colors on the shelf, you do not need to repaint your walls since it is quite well represented by bright colors on the furniture.

Accent colors
With a variety of accent colors you can also make your home look spacious. Choose accent that is not too crowded. The accent color is good to be applied to wallpaper, pillows, or couch. One of the colors that can be used is red.

Who said gray is boring? The combination of gray in the sky and the color of lime in the furniture will give a fresh impression on your room. This color is suitable when applied to the living room.

This color can turn your room into a more classy room. This color is suitable to be used in sofa cushions, blankets, or a small table in the living room. In addition, purple also symbolizes femininity.

Want to apply the bright colors  but not too flashy in the living room? Why not choose mustard? This color is a bit more muted than the other bright colors. If you want to add a retro touch to the room, you can mix and match mustard colors with blue.

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