Color Psychology: Using Orange to Create a Warm and Fresh Interior

Orange and White Interior DesignOrange color is the combination of red and yellow. That’s way orange has similar characteristics to those colors. It has a spirit and an impression of warmth which is got from red, and also the impression of cheerfulness which is got from yellow. With those characters, no wonder that this color is widely used to create a dynamic and enthusiastic atmosphere in a room.

Do you know that every color has different physical effects? For example, green looks fresh and cheerful; dark green looks cold, formal, and suitable for living rooms; and purple looks solemn and sacred. Besides, as the color of the sun yellow has a good character. It can create a happy and fun atmosphere. For the realization, yellow can be applied in almost every room. If it is applied in the living room, it has a good impression in welcoming people. If it is applied in kids’ rooms, it can arouse their energy and inspiration.

Again, every color has different physical effects. Orange is a unique color. We can feel its character as if we felt the peacefulness from the orange evening sky. It does make you immediately start having feelings. Then, what is the relation between orange and interior design? Well, in the interior design, orange color is very effective to make the atmosphere more alive. Yet, too strong and dominant orange may create an impression of arrogance to some people. For them, orange is appropriate to be used as room accents to make it looks fresh.

The following are some examples of orange interior design which may inspire you. If you are a big fan of orange color and want to apply it into your rooms, these pictures may help.

Orange Kitchen Interior

Orange Interior Paint

Orange Bedroom Interior

Orange and Brown Interior Design

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