Color Trends 2012: 18 Ideas to Decorate with Red-Orange Hue

tangerine tango 2012 decoration17

Do you feel tired of the look of your house? Are your rooms too pale? How about trying to redecorate your rooms with a brighter and more contrast colors? Well, sometimes you need to make a big change to your house to get a new spirit in a different atmosphere. Red-orange hue will add a very different look to your house and make it look fresher. How to combine those colors anyway? There’s no need to worry since today we bring you a bunch idea on decorating with red-orange hues which we took from HGTV. The color forecaster Pantone named Tangerine Tango its 2012 color of the year since this hot red-orange hue instantly recharges a room. Here’s how to use it all year long. For more detailed information about these ideas, you can visit HGTV’s site. Get inspired and enjoy!

tangerine tango 2012 decoration
Try swapping the usual brown hues of animal print for bright Tangerine Tango, like designer Lauren Guarcello of Porter Design Company did here.
tangerine tango 2012 decoration2
Here, designer Brian Patrick Flynn uses charcoal drapery and bedding as a backdrop for tangerine, red and white accent pieces.
tangerine tango 2012 decoration3
Traditional shades of red and green scream "Christmas," but this kitchen's modern twist on the color wheel opposites tangerine and emerald green gives the combination year-round life.
tangerine tango 2012 decoration4
This eye-catching room layers tangerine upon tangerine. Designer Caitlyn Wilson paired floral wallpaper in a creamy orange hue with red-orange and blue pillows.
tangerine tango 2012 decoration5
Vintage finds and fabric swatches atop the bookcase echo the color combination.
tangerine tango 2012 decoration6
Warmer weather is a great excuse to spruce up your patio with a cheap and chic painted rug. Juicy tangerine will bring vibrancy throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons.
tangerine tango 2012 decoration7
Blue and orange are a classic combination. In this bedroom, an orangey coral headboard stands out against steely blue walls.
tangerine tango 2012 decoration8
For a bolder take on the classic blue-and-orange pairing, try deep indigo paired with electric red-orange.
tangerine tango 2012 decoration9
Natural hues are an equally good partner for bold Tangerine Tango. The neutral color palette of this bedroom's bed linens and pillows contrasts with the richness of the red-orange wall.
tangerine tango 2012 decoration10
Any color looks more vibrant when juxtaposed against a bright, glossy white. Introduce a crisp white dresser, pitcher or canvas to instantly amp up the volume on tangerine accents.
tangerine tango 2012 decoration11
This red-orange Eames chair looks reading-ready with a brown throw, a black-and-white side table and a cheerful vase of Gerber daisies.
tangerine tango 2012 decoration12
This intense hue doesn't need to cover all four walls to be impactful. Add it to an accent wall in a neutral room, like this contemporary dining space, for an instant shot of vibrancy.


tangerine tango 2012 decoration13
To ground the space and keep it from becoming too busy, designer Deborah Wecselman used a solid-hued headboard and duvet.
tangerine tango 2012 decoration14
The soft colors of the sea — sandy neutrals, watery blues and bright whites — are ideal complements to Tangerine Tango's bold personality.
tangerine tango 2012 decoration15
Try a piece of red-orange accent furniture, like the nail head-trimmed cocktail table designer Elaine Williamson used here, to add color without the commitment (or price) of a larger furniture piece.
tangerine tango 2012 decoration16
Create a focal point in an all-white room with a framed or unframed print, like this tangerine-hued duo from CB2.
tangerine tango 2012 decoration17
In this Asian-inspired vignette, an orange Hermes tray adds an element of surprise.

tangerine tango 2012 decoration18
Layered hues on the floor and furniture bring colorful comfort to this modern nest, while the walls feature a sandy hue that lets the furnishings be the star.

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