Common Mistakes You Never Wanted to Do in Designing a Kitchen Set

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Kitchen set is probably one of your interior parts which is more costly than the other parts. You might be interested in a kitchen set design showed in an exhibition, or at a friend’s house. Then you might want to change the design of your old kitchen set or maybe you want to fill your new house or apartment. Have you ever been in such situation? Well, someday you might want to design your own kitchen set at home. In doing so, you need to know that designing a kitchen set will include a very thorough preparation along with a precise measurement. Now I would like to show you the common mistakes made when designing a kitchen set. I am sure that you can design your kitchen set well if you can avoid these mistakes from the beginning.

These are the things that you should consider before designing:

Over budget
Your budget would be a vital element that must be considered. Changing the floor, ceiling or wall sometimes becomes a demand for a new kitchen set design. You may even have to dismantle the wall. To cope with that, you have to do an accurate measurement before changing the doors, windows and even the direction of the sun coming. It will not be funny if half of the window is covered by the kitchen set due to an inaccurate measurement. Or you may have to make an additional list just because there is a gap of 5 cm between the kitchen set and the ceiling. That would be a waste of time and money.

Overall, you must do the measurements accurately if you don’t want your project to be over budget. Do not believe in your eyes, do measurements. Many homeowners do not realize the error measurement can be fatal to the design and cause additional costs. Just prepare everything thoroughly.

Unmatching kitchen set
Kitchen set design often means integrating various electronic equipments in it such as refrigerator, microwave, stove, and gas cylinder. Besides, the installation of electricity and water hygiene should be considered. If you are not familiar with this installation, let the expert handle it. Other than that, consider the various equipment collections you will store in the kitchen set. If you don’t consider them, later you may have a large pot that cannot be put in just because you forgot to think about the design. And also do not forget to customize and adjust the theme of each kitchen set with the accesories around the kitchen. Just make everything matching and you will spend your time in your kitchen cozily.

The next thing to be considered is the time required. In terms of time, you should overestimate the delay of the processing time. Even if you ask a professional to handle it, you still have to think about the sufficient time to do all that. A very common mistake made is an overlapping schedule between one professional and the other.

Mistakes in choosing the kitchen set
You need to specify your countertop or top table from the start. Decide whether you are going to use marble, granite or tiled concrete. Later, they will require special care in order to always look clean and nice. The common mistake that is often forgotten is the compatibility of the kitchen set with the entire interior of the house both from the colors and the models. It was weird when the whole house is full of traditional carving while your kitchen set is in a modern minimalist style. So, choose the best kitchen set which will create a harmony into your lovely kitchen. 

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