Concave and Convex Mirror Functions According to Feng Shui

Antique White Convex MirrorThe use of flat mirrors in Feng Shui is different from the use of convex or concave mirrors. Convex mirrors make the image becomes smaller. Therefore, the goal of Feng Shui is to reduce unwanted objects, both inside the home and outside the home.

In addition, the direction of the light coming on convex mirrors are reflected divergent¬†or scattered out. That’s why many convex mirrors are used to avoid negative energy which is often called the evil spirit.

For example, a convex mirror is used if there is a pointed building in front of your house. In Feng Shui, it is called ” Sha Qi” or energy that destructs the Qi energy (Chi) entering the house. Thus, the use of a convex mirror above the door of the house is the right thing. Likewise, if there is a tall building or huge tree in front of the house, convex mirrors can be used.

In the house interior, if there is a wall that is threatening to the door of one room, you can also use a convex mirror placed above the door.

Convex mirrors can be used in the home to avoid the pointy corner of the wall that is in front of one of the doors of the room. While outside the home, convex mirrors can be used if the entrance of the home is threatened by a vertical line in front of the house, or other threatening shapes.

In contrast to the convex mirror, concave mirror makes the image in the mirror becomes larger. So if there are positive things in front of the house which could be classed as Sheng Qi (good energy which bring good luck), you can use concave mirror.

For example, if there is a beautiful garden or fountain, a concave mirror is suitable to use. Similarly, if a neighbor in front of your house is successful, it is a good thing if you use a concave mirror.

Well, good luck!

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