Consider these Ornaments to Beautify Your Roof Garden

Green Roof GardenThe existence of ornaments at a roof garden will give a distinctive aesthetic value. The ornaments can be in the forms of coral stones, fountains, statues, or lamps. Yet, we need to choose the right ornaments for the roof garden which should be not too heavy because it will affect the concrete structure as the base of the garden. The following are some ornaments we can use to beautify a roof garden.

1. Garden Lights
A lamp in the garden is such starlight which shines brightly at night. Without any lamp, the garden will look completely dark at nights. Lamps can be ornaments to beautify the roof garden. There are a wide range of lamp options such as ones that can be attached to the wall, attached to the plants, in the shape of butterflies, or chandeliers.

2. Stepping Stones
Stepping stones will look natural and beautiful in forming a path entering the garden. They also can make the roof garden feel more alive. There are a lot of choices of stepping stones in terms of the shapes and materials. We can have round, square, rectangle, oval, or even triangle stepping stones made of natural stones, coral, cements, and so on.

3. Wooden Benches
We need to adjust the shape of the bench and the style of the roof garden. Wooden benches which look ancient and natural will give a distinctive character to the garden. Also, we need to consider the size of the bench and the garden’s. If the roof garden is small, then a small bench would be perfect.

4. Granite Ball

Beautiful balls in various sizes and shapes are able to make the garden more alive and dynamic. Granite balls can be used for it, starting from the small balls up to the big ones.

5. Gazebo
Another ornament for a roof garden is a mini gazebo which is adjusted with our needs. Besides beautifying the garden, gazebo can also be used as a place for medications, jogging, or children play area.

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