Consider These Things before Using Woods as Building Materials

Wood SupplyAlmost every building construction process requires wood as the materials. The use of wood for building construction and furniture is able to present an earthy atmosphere. However, wood is not resistant to changes in weather and termite attack. Moreover, when the wood processing and layout are not appropriate, it might even result in a disappointing home appearance. To that end, for the wood to function optimally, you need to pay attention to the following things:

Type of wood
You can start by choosing wood which is resistant to weather changes and termites, such as teak wood and ebony.

Water content
Make sure to choose wood with low water content; as low as possible. High water content causes the wood easily expand, shrink, even cracked.

Termite resistant 
Next, you need to coat the wood with anti-termite layer for the finishing. If you want to obtain a good surface texture, you can use varnish or lacquer. You also can paint it with a wood paint.

Wiping or cleaning the wood surface is not enough to keep the wood good and durable. Your attention to the environment in which the wooden furniture is placed is expected to support long lasting wood furniture.

Indeed, the threat of wooden furniture also comes from seepage or dripping water from a leaky roof. This definitely makes the color of your wood furniture change and weathered. To prevent this, you should make sure there are no leaks in the ceiling or wall of the house.

In addition, if your wood furniture is made ​​of wood melamine, it should not be placed in a humid, cold, or air-conditioned space. This can make the paint color fade after a few months.

Before it is processed into furniture, the wood should be preserved in an oven for approximately one month. This method serves to increase the wood strength so that it’s resistant to termite.

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