ConsiderThese 5 Feng Shui Elements to Make Your House Ideal

5 Feng ShuFeng Shui is the science of topography from China. This science believes that man, heaven and earth can live in harmony to help improve lives. There are five elements of Feng Shui, namely, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Those five elements have their own shapes. Wood is vertical and rectangular, fire is triangular, earth is square, metal is round, and water is horizontal and curves. Then the architects make those various shapes guideline to buildings design and construction.

Chinese people believe that the above five elements can influence the construction of a house. These five elements must function in accordance to the character of the surrounding environment.

Home layout is considered as something complicated for people who believe in Feng Shui. This is because Feng Shui followers strongly believe in what is called the defect. Home defects are said to be the result of the violation of Feng Shui.

The character of the five Feng Shui elemenents has a role in life, including in the construction of a house. Here’s the explanation.

1. Wood
The first element is wood. This element can be seen in living plants, vases, objects which look greenish, and round and long wood furniture. If your house is dominated by this element, it means that you are among those who have virtue and are loyal.

2. Fire
The second element is fire. The element of fire can be seen in candles, red lights, sunlight, objects that look red, pyramid, triangle, red carpet, and something sharp. If your house is dominated by objects of the fire element, it means that you are the type of person who is polite and logical.

3. Earth
The third element is the earth. The earth element can be found in clay sculptures, stones, pottery, ceramics, brick, marble, brownish yellow objects with a rectangular shape. If your house is dominated by the earth elements, it means that you belong to those who are faithful and honest.

4. Metals
The next element is metal. Metallic elements in the house can be found in the whole equipment or furniture made ​​from metal, the wall clock with pendulum shapes, objects which look white and / or golden, dome-shaped or spherical object, and oval-shaped objects that have  a circumference. If your house is dominated by the metal element, it means that you are among those who speak the truth.

5. Water
The last element is water. The element of water can be found on fountain, pool water, swimming pool, anything that looks clear, clean, and black or blue and irregularly shaped, curve, and bumpy. If your house is dominated by the element of water, it means you are wise and diligent.

Well, when building a house, those five Feng Shui elements must exist. If it does not feature the elements, even only one element missing, the house can function not properly. Believe it or not, if it happens, the house must be repaired according to the five categories of the elements in order to avoid any disasters.

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