Cooling Your Home Interiors with High Ceilings

Living Room with a High Ceiling DesignPeople are sometimes too busy building a house with a certain style, which costs a lot of money. Yet, they also sometimes forget that the house is not just something stylish, but it must be focused ​​more on the functions and comfort. The average person will realize the meaning of the function and comfort of a house after the house has been completely built. For instance, a beautiful house will not feel good when it is hot and stuffy. It is just not a comfortable house to stay in.

The key to build a comfortable house is an awareness of the environmental conditions or areas. Suppose you live in a tropical area with the heat of the sun throughout the year and high rainfall, the things you can do towards your house is to make a high ceiling,  give vent above the door and windows, as well as place the grille under the roof and multiply glass windows to save electricity.

High ceilings make your house feel cool

Air circulation can be influenced by the ceiling height. Roof and ceiling distance determines the temperature in the room. The shorter the distance between the ceiling and the floor, the greater the potential for the heat to increase. Therefore make ceiling with an adequate height.

A ceiling height is ideally more than 3 meters, equivalent to two times the height of an adult human body standing upright. With that height, your head position is far from the source of heat radiation, so that the heat received by the body decreases.

Another variation of the height of the ceiling is void house, a continuous high ceiling to the top of the second floor. Void house height is equal to two times the height of the floor. It functions to smooth airflow and make an impression of a roomy space.

Voids can also be a light reflector media to make a room bright. Use bright or white colors for wall void area. When highlighted by sunlight or other artificial lights, wall voids will reflect light beam into the room around the void.

Usually the voids are in the middle of the building, dividing the mezzanine floor. Near the void house there is sometimes placed a quiet wide window as the entrance of light.

To prevent heat, make a hole on the edge of the window. Hot air trapped in the void will be pushed out and not enter the room.

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