Country-Style Architecture Provides a Cozy Atmosphere in Your House

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There are many people who misunderstand the concept of country style home. They might think that country home design is a home concept which exists in most rural areas of Europe and America. Well, a country architecture home is a home that reflects the village atmosphere close to nature, in which nature has a very big role in this house.

It could also be said that this country-style house is a house that is very close to nature, so that it contains environmental-friendly elements. There are three main elements to be applied on a country-style house, namely the lighting element, the air element, and the element of raw materials to build a house.

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Country-style house elements 
A country-style house makes use of the sunlight as the lighting source. The air circulation also relies on natural air. Meanwhile, the main material for this country house is commonly wood. This house uses only few other materials so that it is remain dominated by the wood.

This country-style house will look more attractive when it is supported by a beautiful and wide landscape. In addition, the building of this country house will be adjusted to the climate. Tropical climate is the most appropriate for this type of architecture. Even this architectural style is one of the most appropriate styles for tropical areas.

Country House Bedroom

For the exterior, a country house should be built with a wide overhang roof to cover the windows and main door. Then the porch, be it the front porch and back porch of the house, should be built in a large space. You can put some chairs or other furniture in the porch. A country house building is generally made elongated and widened.

For the interior, a country house has a high roof to facilitate a smooth air circulation inside the house. An adequate numbers of large windows would make the air circulate better as well.

Rooms in a country-style house look interconnected without permanent room dividers. The existing room dividers can be in the form of wall cabinets, railing, or other portable dividers. Other distinctive elements of a country-style house are a wooden structure on the building that is still rough and firm-colored, natural stone, and river stones that are finished in a simple technique but still beautiful.

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