Create a Functional Kitchen with the Right Kitchen Traffic Flow

White Purple Kitchen Design IdeaKitchen traffic flow is a flow of movement that is happening in the kitchen. It includes the movement to and from the kitchen, from the kitchen to the spaces immediately adjacent to it, in the kitchen area itself, and through the kitchen space.

Traffic flow becomes one of the bases for the establishment of an effective kitchen layout. Before renovating a kitchen or setting it from the beginning, you should notice the movement that happens in your kitchen and surrounding areas. Say, how does the kitchen connect to the backyard or service area? The busy paths should not be changed or blocked by any building or object. By utilizing the traffic flow, the arrangement of the kitchen main zones can be optimized.

The kitchen traffic flow is made by considering the work triangle in the kitchen. Of the three areas, namely the preparation area, washing area, and cooking area, it is formed a triangular pattern of work that determines the effectiveness of a kitchen. The shorter range of the triangle, the more efficient the users’ movement.

All the three kitchen main zones are often associated with three points, namely refrigerator (storage area), sink (washing area), and the stove (cooking area). Generally, the triangular kitchen layout is started from the sink position. The position of the sink is very dependent on the presence of water sources and drain. If the sink position is set, the triangle can be determined by considering other factors, such as traffic flow, light, openings, and the space available. The distance between the points on the triangle work should not more than 1.8m – 2m.

In determining the design of the kitchen, air circulation and lighting are also noteworthy. The movement of the air in the kitchen space will determine the user’s convenience. The heat generated while cooking or damp washing area makes the kitchen require air change at any time.

Kitchen openings, windows and ventilation holes, are very useful to make the circulation run well. In addition, you also need to install an exhaust fan or cooker hood. It will make the stove release heat and water vapor more smoothly. In addition to air circulation, kitchen lighting determines whether a kitchen is effective or not.

Generally, a kitchen uses one-two light points on the ceiling as the general lighting. The addition of lighting points on the bottom of the hanging cabinet is very helpful to comfort your eyes while washing or cutting foods. To make the kitchen more beautiful, decorative lighting or decorative lighting arrangement can be an alternative option in the display cabinet. A small sized spot light with yellow light helps create the desired atmosphere or mood.

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