Creating a Cozy Kids’ Bedroom with the Right Painting Techniques

Pink Wall Paint for Girls' BedroomPsychologically, the right atmosphere of a kids’ room provides a good influence for the kids’ personalities. One thing that determines the atmosphere of the room is the wall color. Why is it wall? Wall is the interior element which surrounds the kid in the room, so that its existence affects the kid’s mind and feel. Bright colors are suitable for a kids’ playing area, while soft colors are good for the area for relaxing.

In order to create a room atmosphere which is good for your kid, you can do something with the wall. The following are some practical guides to present a soft atmosphere for your kid’s bedroom.

Apply soft shades that are suitable for children and their personality, for example, blue for boys and pink for girls. Realizing it or not, distinguishing the treatment for kids based on the gender for some the little things, like the color selection, also has the role of in building their characters during their growth. Also, avoid using black since it causes a dark impression, which can influence the way they think later when growing up.

To help ease you in painting the kid’s bedroom properly and efficiently, here we provide some easy practical tips:

  1. Paper. Cover the parts you would not paint with paper. It is to prevent spilling paint on the floor so that you would not waste time to clean the floor later.
  2. Buckets. Using a clean bucket for paint protects the paint from dirt and dust contamination. The use of the bucket also helps you measure the volume of paint to be used, thus reducing paint left unused.
  3. Preparation. Clean the wall surface to be painted from any dust and dirt. If necessary, do sanding so the new paint can be strongly attached. If you expect to use two cans of paint in one area, it is a good idea to mix the two cans of paint in one large container. This is to make sure that the paints from both cans are diluted in the same way and measurement, resulting in the same color.
  4. Painting techniques. Start painting from the edges of the wall and go for the middle. The thing to remember is do the painting from the dry area to wet area you have painted.
  5. Painting directions. Do the painting in the same direction, not randomly. This will result in a good and even wall color.
  6. Brush. Use at least two types of brushes. Or if you use a paint roller, use at least two types of roller too. You should have a large brush/paint roller and a small one. The larger brush/paint roller is used for larger areas, while the smaller one is for corners or any area difficult to reach with the large brush/paint roller.
  7. Paint roller. There are several types of paint roller thickness available on market. If the paint roller is thick, it can cover wider areas. Also, use a container for the roller so the paint can be applied properly on the wall.
  8. Finishing . If you have finished painting, immediately remove the paper before the paint dries. Then let your paint dry.

Organic paint
In addition to wall painting techniques, you also should pay attention to the selection of paints for your child’s room as children’s immune system is more susceptible than adults’. Now there has been a new kind of paint completely free of chemicals. This type of paint is called organic paint, which is made of natural materials that are environmentally friendly, safe to apply and do not endanger the health of your child.

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