Creating a Minimalist Garden in a Small-Space Home

minimalist gardenA small area often becomes a reason why a house doesn’t have a garden, whereas the existence of a garden around the house will give a lot of advantages to the homeowner. Besides making the house look more beautiful and lush, a garden also produces oxygen which is good for the environment and for the air circulation. It means that the air surrounding the house will get fresher. Well, how to make a garden in a small house?

It’s not that difficult, apparently. If you have a limited area, make a garden in a minimalist concept. Choose plants which are easy to plant, to take care, and not susceptible to pests and weather changes. For example, palm, lilies, and euphorbia. These types of plants do not need too much water and are also resistant to direct sunlight and weather changes.

When designing a minimalist house you also consider the furniture and accessories to be displayed. Similarly, a minimalist garden will deal with those things too. For a minimalist garden you can use natural stones or you can spread pebbles there. Dark natural stones, such as temple stones, are not easy to look dirty so that you don’t need to clean them very often.

A stretch of pebbles would be great to be displayed as grasses in the garden. Yet, it does not mean that you are not allowed to plant grasses in your minimalist garden. You can plant grasses but make sure that you choose grasses with an easy care.

To beautify your minimalist garden, you can combine it with traditional elements. Just add the elements with a minimum amount too so that they will not dominate the garden. For example, the minimalist garden can be added with a miniature of Balinese stupa (top of temple) or statue for lamp holders. Or, you can put antique furniture from teak wood which is resistant to rain and direct sunlight.

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