Creating a Movable and Automatic Watering System Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden DesignVertical gardens are the needs of urban communities. With the limited availability of land, people need an innovation to create a garden, one of which is in the form of a vertical garden. This vertical garden complements the main obsession of homeowners who want to build a garden but face the reality that they have a narrow land.

In a limited area, a garden can still be made and designed vertically with the same fertility as a regular garden which lays horizontally. Even it will be more interesting if the vertical garden is moveable and uses an automatic watering system so that it can be moved according to your desire. It is also practical since you don’t have to water it every day.

In Georgia, USA, there is a company that produces various types of vertical garden planters, plug and play is also easy to use, which is branded FLORAFELT (Vertical Garden Planters). It has various types of product with different prices, ranging from $ 2,000.00 until $ 2,600.00. The features offered are in the form of:

  • Full-height floor vertical garden unit includes 10 gallon tank, pump and timer.
  • Welded stainless steel tank and frame, 33 Florafelt pockets.
  • Grows 33 plants, not included.
  • Automatically waters itself daily.
  • Freestanding.
  • Dimension: 32″W x 82″H x 16″D, 230lbs planted.

If you are planning to put the garden vertically on an area which is in a dark place during the day / not exposed to sunlight, you should choose plants that like shade conditions such as Begonia, Philodendron, ferns, Kadaka, and Scindapsus. For areas which get sunlight for certain times, you can select more plants with leaves and flower patterned like a Phalaenopsis orchid. For areas that receive full sunlight throughout the day, there are more plant options with more colors too.

Growing Medium for Vertical GardensVertical garden structures

The growing media system for the vertical garden project uses polypropylene synthetic cloth bag mounted on a steel frame structure. The system is easy to apply because it can be designed customized and adapted to the situation on the ground. There are several pricing options offered according to the type of frame construction used, the mounting location, and the height level of the vertical plane.

The irrigation uses automated systems with smooth hoses hidden under a layer of synthetic fabric bag. The watering frequency is adjusted to the needs. It is suggested to water the garden three times to four times a day in two minutes to five minutes. During the regular watering, you also need to apply the liquid fertilizer along the irrigation duct.

People Maintaining a Vertical GardenWith a growing media system and structures like this, within 3 months to 6 months the plants will grow and cover the surface of vertical green walls to become charming and beautiful. Lighting helps affirm the beauty of pattern and texture of the garden. For more information on FLORAFELT (Vertical Garden Planters) you can visit

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