Creating Vertical Gardens in a Limited Space

Green Vertical Garden Design IdeaTime just flies and we find it difficult to find green spaces. It is even more difficult for houses with limited space. To work around this, there is no harm to choose a vertical garden for your home.

Vertical garden began to be widely known in 1994 through the works of French botanist, Patrick Blanc. According to Blanc, plants do not require soil media in certain circumstances. Soil is only mechanical support. The most important role for the life of the plant is the supply of water and some minerals necessary for growth.

Vertical garden is the right answer to overcome the limitations of the land, as well as a roof garden. Both are in fact an attempt to move the green space which has been used for the building to the building itself or onto the roof. Nowadays we experience erratic climatic conditions, and then people start to realize and think about green spaces in their homes.

Vertical garden doesn’t use soil planting medium or other conventional planting media, but using felt or PVC. The drainage has also been set up, so watering is no longer done with the hose.

The common obstacle when creating a vertical garden is the cost which is relatively expensive. The simplest and cheapest way is to use a planter box. In addition, the technique of planter is also more easily applied, even by the common people. For example, when creating a vertical garden on the front facade of the house, you can use used wood for the panels where the pots are put. After that, simply put the pots onto it. It is better not to install the panel too high so that you will not find any difficulty when watering the plants.

Although relatively simple, the plants for the planter box still need maintenance. For example, if you choose plants that need high humidity, it is good to make a pond to keep the humidity.

In terms of the area or location of the vertical garden, there is no particular limitation. The more land for green space, the better. The place could be anywhere, front or back. When you make it at the front part on the house, you allow other people to see it and automatically enhance other’s awareness of the need of green space.

The most important thing is to change the mind set first. Why create a vertical garden if it is only because of the trends? In designing the garden, you don’t only deal with the looks, but the most important one is your awareness.

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