Creative Home Decor Tips: Installing Wallpaper on the Ceiling

Girls Room Design with Cloud Wallpaper on the CeilingWallpaper is one interesting alternative when you are tired of wall coverings using paint. Wallpaper does have some advantages compared to wall paint, including the easy installation, low cost, and a variety of motif options.

But, did you know that besides installed on the wall, the wallpaper can also be installed on the ceiling? The ceiling of the house sometimes goes unnoticed because it is located above. Most people simply leave the ceiling painted white.  It turns out that installing wallpaper on the ceiling can make your room atmosphere become wider.

The following are some tips to hang wallpaper on the ceiling:

Wallpaper for the kitchen ceiling
Do you live in an apartment with a tiny kitchen? Using wallpaper on the ceiling in the kitchen can be a solution to make your kitchen seem more spacious. Select a sparkling and not too crowded wallpaper motif with a matching color to the theme of your kitchen so that your kitchen will feel more spacious.

Wallpaper for your kids’ room ceiling
A kids’ room, which is usually full of colors, will be more vibrant if added with wallpaper on the ceiling. When the kids are lying on the bed, they will see the unique ceiling. This simple solution can make your kids feel comfortable playing in the room. The recommended ceiling wallpaper for a kids’ room is the one with thick motif and pictures. In addition to beautifying the room, sticking wallpaper on the ceiling can be a learning tool for your kids.

Wallpaper for the bedroom ceiling
Installing the wallpaper on the bedroom ceiling will make your room not boring. To make it look more fancy, you can install wallpaper with a gold zigzag motif. This wallpaper will look more beautiful when paired with white walls.

Wallpaper for the dining room
Your simple dining room will become more attractive when decorated with wallpaper. The existing motif on the wallpaper will make your dining room look more elegant and modern.

When installing the wallpaper on the ceiling, you need to remember to use motifs and colors that are suitable with the theme of your room. In addition, do not install wallpaper in a dark and small room. On the other hand, if you have a spacious room, dark wallpaper will make it look more luxurious. Most importantly, develop your creativity to find unique motifs. Good luck!

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