Curious of the Mysterious Sounds in Your House? Here’s the Explanation

Water Dropping from TapDo you often hear gurgling water at the bathroom during the night when no one turning on the tap water? Or do you often hear a mysterious knock on the wall when everyone is asleep? Do you often feel tense at night because your electronics suddenly buzz? You suspect this is a sign of paranormal activity going on in your home on those nights? Well, not necessarily. Many things that we think of as real supernatural occurrences are commonplace and can be explained logically. And if often experience the things have been mentioned, the following explanation might be helpful for you:

  1. Gurgling sound of water at night. Many people think that the gurgling sound of water must have come from the tap water, but unfortunately it is not true. There are many things that can produce the sound of gurgling water, including the bathtub, the flush toilet, and exhaust system on the washing machine. And the sound you hear could be a loose tap on the toilet or a tap which is not closed properly, so water flows constantly dripping. It could be that the water flows all the time, day or night. It’s just that, during the day the sound is not heard clearly since it is being defeated by other noises in your home, such as TV, music, and so on. While at night, in the silent atmosphere, the sound is clear and loud. To be sure, you can perform thorough checks and inspections on the taps and drains to find the source of the problem.
  2. Mysterious knocking sound in the wall. It can be caused by vibrations in pipes embedded in the walls. Pipe vibrates as the air pressure is very high, so that it causes vibration or movement of the pipe. And when vibrating, your pipes touch the wall thus creating a knocking or thumping sound that you think is mysterious.
  3. Electronic device that suddenly buzzes at night. Well, you should know that some electronic devices such as refrigerators and air conditioners are created to always keep the temperature stable. And when the temperature shift, the motor will automatically live to restore the temperature to a predetermined position. It also happens during the day in which perhaps you seldom hear or notice it, but at night, it sounds so clear. Some modern devices have a buzzing noise that is much more subtle than old devices. So, to overcome the buzz that sounds loud, you should consider replacing your old devices with newer / modern ones.

Actually there are many other things in your home that you think are strange, but in fact can be explained logically. For instance, you might find mysterious sound of scratching on the door or on the ceiling which is actually the sound of a rodent or rat, and so forth.

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