Dare to Mix Paint Colors for a Different Interior Look

Simple Living RoomSometimes we find it difficult to choose the color of the interior, especially on walls and ceilings. Although it is now widely available in various colors of paint, but not necessarily all colors are suitable with your tastes and desires. It is actually not a big problem. We can use several different colors of paint and then mix them so that they can produce a color which we desire. To get a more varied color, we have to provide three types of paint colors which are yellow, red, and blue, the primary colors. Besides, also provide black and white as neutral colors.

The next step is to mix blue and yellow paint. This mixture will produce a green color which is often referred to as the secondary color. Another secondary color can be produced by mixing red and blue, which results on purple. If we mix red and yellow, there will be one new color which is orange.

The things to consider in the process of mixing these colors are the exact composition and the paint used. If using wall and acrylic paint, just use water as the diluent. While, oil paint to paint doors and windows must be mixed with other fluids which can be obtained at the paint store or construction store.

The neutral colors, black and white, are two colors used to make a lighter or darker paint than the secondary color that ia created earlier. If you want a darker color, use black. Conversely, if you want the brighter one, use white.

If you want a more varied secondary colors, the composition of the mixture of primary colors with one primary color does not need to follow the standard rules 1-1 . Or it could be a secondary color mixed again with the other primary colors to produce new colors. This kind of new colors called tertiary colors.

Even a secondary color can also be mixed with other secondary colors. If you want to get creative, try mixing colors with different composition so that each color produced is also different. And the type of the colors mixed does not have two types only. Even three or more kinds of colors can be mixed together.

If you want a more dramatic atmosphere, you can apply gradation colors on the walls. In that way the walls will look cool, furthermore when the color is made from contrast colors. This gradation is also suitable for making murals decorating the walls.

The process of mixing colors to make new colors can also be done for the sake of saving our budget. If we have leftover paint that is made ​​up of several colors (not necessarily primary and neutral colors), we can mix them to produce a new color for the walls and ceiling. Yet, before mixing them, we should also take a note on the types of the paint and also the composition of the paint mixture. This is to ensure that we do not forget how a new color can be produced, starting from the type of colors that are mixed and comparison with the sequence of colors combined.

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