Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom Using Wall Paint and Wallpaper

Kids Room Idea with WallpaperDesigning a kid’s bedroom can be very fun and challenging. You will deal with the room theme selection which support the kid’s personality. For instance, a wide blue sky theme would be great for a cheerful kid. Well, you can present such a theme through the wall paint, either the paint color or paint technique.

To obtain a cool kid’s bedroom theme, here we share several painting techniques you might find useful.

  1. Color washing painting technique, which  is a popular technique in faux painting using paint thinned out with glaze to create a subtle wash of color over walls or other surfaces.
  2. Sponging painting technique, which is applied by using the sponge texture, resulting in patch effect.
  3. Ragging painting technique, which is similar to sponging technique but you do this using a cloth or plastic that is untwisted.
  4. Shading painting technique, which uses color gradation from the lighter to the darker one.
  5. Spattering or splash painting technique, which is done by spraying paint using a brush. This technique can be replaced by paintbrush method.
  6. Stencilling painting technique, which is done using stencil media in a specific pattern.
  7. Stamping painting technique, which is similar to stencilling technique using certain texture as the mold paint.
  8. Faux finishes painting technique, which is applied to represent a certain material, such as bamboo, wood, or marble.

Wallpaper for Kids’ Bedroom
There is another simple and practical way to decorate your kid’s room wall, which is to install wallpaper. Wallpaper facilitates you to create a unique room atmosphere with various options of patterns and texture. In terms of the installation, wallpaper needs way shorter time, especially in the pattern and texture repetition. When applying wall paint, you will need more time to repeat a certain pattern since you do it manually, one by one. This is certainly different from wallpaper application that has been available in a wide options of colors, patterns, and textures.

The following are some tips to install wallpaper:

  1. Use good quality wallpaper, thick and strong, in order to avoid the bubbling surface and being easily detached.
  2. Provide sufficient wallpaper for the room because purchasing wallpaper in small amounts is usually more expensive.
  3. You can also involve the child learn to cut their own favorite cartoons with the use of small scissors for the kids, and still be in your monitor. In addition, this activity can improve their creativity and increase your quality time with him/her.
  4. The themes you can bring through wallpaper for kid’s room may include Ornamented, Visual favorite, and Back to Nature themes.
  5. Ornamented theme can be directly applied to the selection of graphics that represent the basic shapes your kids love. For example, you can use round shapes with pastel colors, plaids, or stripes. Simple shapes can make your kid’s room look way more simple too, yet still attractive.
  6. Children often have a favorite character. You can use this as a visual favorite theme for the wallpaper design. For instance, you can bring the Disney characters to your kid’s room.
  7. You can also apply a back to nature theme for your child’s room, which is in accordance to the child’s characters. Similar to the faux finish paint technique, you may install wallpaper which presents natural textures, such as wood, sky, or grasses. In addition to provide a natural theme, the kid’s room will feel way more spacious and roomy.

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