Deeper Information about Exterior Home Designs

Exterior Design Idea with Front Yard GardenA home exterior design has a very important role related to the home value. If the exterior of the building is neat, nice, fresh, and comfortable, it will give more value to the building. Then, should it be luxurious? Of course not. To get a good exterior home design, we just need to make it neat; all objects are arranged properly, the gardens are well maintained and clean, and so on. In that way, any people coming to your home will get a good impression from your exterior look.

Materials for home exterior
The exterior of the house can be made ​​of materials such as metal consisting of steel, aluminum, or bronze. For walls, the basic materials are usually in the form of brick, concrete or marble. While for the façade, it can be made ​​of marble, granite and mixture of limestone. For the roof, you can use roof tiles or steel. And for fencing, it can be made of wood, bamboo, or iron.

High roof
If you want a more fascinating exterior, one way is to raise the roof of the house. You can make it towering like a castle. This kind of roof is the same as the Victorian roof located in Los Angeles. In order to appear more luxurious, you can apply striking colors, such as maroon red and orange on the roof.

In order to make the house seem more spacious, especially for a small house, you can deal with it by making a garden. Make a minimalist garden that only has 3-4 color flowers or leaves. A garden with several bonsais and surrounded by green shrubs will make the exterior of the house look great and can attract people’s attention. A small house will even look more spacious when there is no fence around it.

You can also add a canopy to your home. What about a small home design? Well, still, you can add a canopy to a small house. Simply adjust the size of the canopy to the size of the house. If you want to make the canopy design look more beautiful, you can add creeping plants on that.  Besides keeping the canopy survive, creeping plants also create a cool and greet atmosphere at home.

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