Design Your Dream House with this Green Building Concept

D5 House An Eco-Friendly Home ArchitectureA two-storey house with a modern architectural style, a bedroom with large windows overlooking the garden, a reading room with a terrace that opens to the pool, a family room with a piano. Do you dream to have such a house? It is the time to express what you want and need, and make it into the house design. But, more than just the needs and desires of your room, shape, and beauty, keep in mind that a home must also support you to do your activities comfortably by taking into account the factors of health and safety.

An ideal home is the one which is not only beautiful but also comfortable and healthy. Together with your architects, pay attention and look at a variety of important factors related to the health and comfort of the home. Those factors might include the organization of space, air circulation, natural lighting, safe building materials, clean water and disposal systems, the efficiency of land and construction, as well as room designs that support energy savings. In addition to the indoor, you also have to design outdoors spaces ranging from the home exterior, garden, up to the fence so that everything will look beautiful and harmonious with the surrounding environment.

Furthermore, it would be useful to talk with your architect discussing the possibility to design an eco-friendly building which is often called as green building.  In addition to being good for the environment, an environmentally friendly home design is also good for your health. It also helps you save energy and water usage.

What is green building?
Green building is a method of designing a building that seeks to minimize the negative impact of buildings on the environment by increasing the efficiency of the use of materials, land, and energy in the process of construction and operation.

A green building is a building that can save energy, minimize waste, and increase the productivity of people who live in it. Simply put, the green building concept can be applied to the design of your home with little things such as:

  • In the construction process, use a variety of materials that do not need a lot of extra work and does not cause a lot of garbage in the manufacturing process, or local materials that do not need to be transported too far.
  • Design the building by considering the air circulation and natural lighting to reduce the use of air conditioners and artificial lights. It helps save energy.
  • Design an environmentally friendly disposal system where gray water and storm water will be distributed and collected to be reused for watering plants or other functions.
  • Use solar panels to take the advantage of the sun’s heat energy.

Besides the application above, there are many other house elements that can be designed with green building principles. Discuss the possibility of the application of other green building concepts with your architect, and also find out how to use and care of your house in the future to support this green building concept.

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