Designing a Workroom and a Library at Home, All at Once

Home Library Simple Design
A simple design of home library. (

For some reasons some people are working at home. Some do this because they want to, and some other because they have to. Well, no matter what the reason is, working at home can be very demanding especially related to the facility. When you work at home, you may need a lot of facility yet the available space is too small. Moreover, you may have a lot of books you collected for years. How would you deal with this situation?

Well, if you have a lot of books in your house, why not use them as part of your “office” or work space interior? Besides using them as a part of your interior, you can turn your room into a home library as well. It might encourage your spirit to work and ease you when you look for references.

In this room you can also welcome your guesses or colleagues which have any important business. Instead of having a discussion in the living room, this workroom and reading room can be a good alternative too. Thus, a workroom must be multifunctional. It’s awesome to know that the room can function as a library, a workroom, meeting/discussion/consultation room, and reading room as well. Overall, your room design and also your book collection become a portfolio from the knowledge you own.

What if you have a small space for the workroom? There’s always a way out. If you are in this situation, just consider the composition of your furniture. A lot of colors applied on the chair, table, or shelves will create the impression of stressfulness and mess. To cope with this, you can order your furniture from professionals. They will be able to make a right color composition for the furniture.

Your interior will look more comfortable if you can combine the furniture and accessories in a good arrangement. Also, you need to integrate the floor with your type of occupation. For instance, if you are a doctor, it will be better to choose white floor; if you are an artist, choose wooden floor which is artistic, and so on. 

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