Friday, April 18, 2014

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7 Tips to Create a Pleasant Bathroom Design

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 Category: Bathroom Designs

Impressive Black Bathroom IdeaYou need to do certain things to create a pleasant and comfortable bathroom. Thus, a bathroom will not be merely a space to bathe but also for relaxing after a day of working. Here are several things to consider in designing a bathroom:
1. Area separation and sanitary selection
If you want a dry area in the bathroom, you should separate it from the wet area. The dry area will cover the toilet and sink, while the wet one is for shower or bathtub area. You can divide the bathroom using a …

9 Simple Steps to Make Your Bathroom Look New

Sunday, March 9, 2014 Category: Bathroom Designs

White Blue Bathroom DesignMaybe you have started to feel bored when doing bath activities due to the design of your bathroom which is boring. It’s good to refresh your mood in order to create new ideas by renovating your bathroom. Most people use the bathroom to look for ideas and inspiration dealings with their work.
Here are tips on how to do a bathroom renovation. No need to do a big bathroom renovation; just do some simple steps to make your bathroom look different.
1 . Lighting
Good bathroom is a bathroom that has adequate lighting. …

Bathroom Tile Colors and Patterns Tips

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 Category: Bathroom Designs

Minimalist Bathroom with Blue White Tiles
The white color is widely used in bathrooms to create a clean and healthy impression. White is clean and classic. Even before glancing to materials such as marble or stone instead of traditional porcelain and cast iron, white is considered as the most natural choice for bathroom fixtures. Unfortunately, if a little dirt attached to the surface of the color, the bathroom will look dingy in an instant.
Over time, the bathroom designers are trying to introduce other motifs that are soft. In addition to using white color, they also use …

Tips for Carefully Selecting and Organizing Bathroom Lighting

Monday, March 3, 2014 Category: Bathroom Designs, Lighting

Luxurious Bathroom with Exotic Bathroom LightingWater, as a good conductor of electricity, could cause a short-circuit. We often forget this when choosing lighting for bathrooms. Bathrooms need a special light; at least it must be resistant to high humidity. Better yet, if it is also resistant to water splashes .
The bathroom has areas with different levels of humidity. Shower area can be more humid than the sink and toilet area. So this area needs a light that is more resistant to moisture. The light we are talking about includes the light bulbs, electrical components, and …

Just Feel Relaxed Even in a Small Bathroom

Saturday, March 1, 2014 Category: Bathroom Designs

Modern White Small Bathroom IdeaPeople nowadays often use the bathroom to relax and relieve fatigue.  The spray of water and the soap fragrant can help you feel relaxed after a day of activities. However, what happens when you only have a limited space for this bathroom?
Do not be afraid. Having a small bathroom in the home does not inhibit your creativity in beautifying and decorating the place. In addition to keeping it clean continuously, to keep getting a relaxed atmosphere of this room, consider the following tips:

Bathroom theme can be determined by the color …