Saturday, May 25, 2019

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Wallpaper vs. Painting: Which One?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 Category: Decoration

Wallpaper or PaintingWhether it is better to use wall paint or wallpaper can be quite confusing for some people. Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages. Wall paint has better durability than wallpaper. Instead, wall paint does not have the various attractive patterns as the wallpaper has. If you are confused to choose paint or wallpaper, here are things you can consider.
Some people prefer to choose wall paint because wallpaper requires greater cost for the installation. In addition, the paint is considered more durable than wallpaper. However, what we need to …

Bring Rustic Eclectic Style to Your Interior Home Decor

Saturday, November 15, 2014 Category: Decoration, Interior Designs

Eclectic Rustic Interior DecorationToday there are many interior design styles that combine natural elements and modern elements. If you feel less comfortable in a minimalist style, try to choose a rustic eclectic style. This style could be an alternative for those who do not want a minimalist natural style. The impression created by this interior style is similar to the natural minimalist style. It’s just this modern concept does not only focus on functionality but also on beauty. Even when you look at it more closely, you will find there is a classic …

How to Bring an Eclectic Rustic Style to Your Interior Home

Monday, November 10, 2014 Category: Decoration, Tips and Tricks

White Eclectic Rustic Interior Home DecorEclectic rustic interior style is very suitable as an alternative home concept option. For those who want to have a classic, modern, and natural home design, this style can be a perfect choice.
Eclectic rustic style is actually similar to natural minimalist style. Yet, there are some classic touches on the eclectic rustic one. The most interesting part of this style is a balance between its classic, modern and natural style.
Wall paint selection
To create a natural and modern impression in your house, you can choose the right wall paint colors for …

Wallpapering or Wall Painting?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 Category: Decoration

Bedroom Decoration with WallpaperTo make your house look more colorful with unique patterns, you can try installing wallpaper. With the wallpaper, the walls of your house will look way more attractive without you having to worry about the dangers of mercury contained in wall paint.
Nowadays many people prefer wallpaper to wall paint as wall covering because it is considered more attractive and expressive. In addition, there are wide options of colors and patterns for wallpaper. It is indeed possible to create attractive patterns with wall painting, yet it requires a technique which is …

Should You Renovate Your House to Make it Look Minimalist?

Sunday, October 5, 2014 Category: Decoration

Modern Minimalist Interior Decoration IdeaTo make your existing house looks minimalist, you do not have to dismantle and rebuild it . Actually it would be much easier to change an existing building into a minimalist building. Once again, you do not need to dismantle and renovate your home. All you need to do is highlight some of the following:
1 Paint
To create the impression of a minimalist look in your home, you can apply light or brightly colored paint for the walls. It is intended not only to enrich the value of beauty in your …