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Various Ideas for Your Interior Wall Decoration

Thursday, February 20, 2014 Category: Decoration

Luxury Wallpaper for Living RoomYou can create a certain atmosphere at home by an attractive wall design exploration. The walls are an important element in a house, both functionally and aesthetically. In addition to functioning as room dividers, walls also affect the atmosphere in it. The natural, tropical, or modern impression can be achieved by exploring wall designs in terms of both material and finishing aspects. No wonder a lot of efforts to modify the walls are done. In addition to giving a separate theme of the interior space, it is also to give …

The Following House Painting Tips will Make Your Walls Perfectly Painted

Thursday, February 13, 2014 Category: Decoration, Tips and Tricks

Couple Painting HomeHiring professionals to paint your home is a safe option indeed. However, painting the home on your own is not that difficult. In addition to cost saving, doing it by yourself can also give you a sense of satisfaction. Well, here are the easy home painting tips for beginner:

Prepare the tools and materials which include paint, paint base, wall putty, paint exfoliating fluid, scrapper, bleach, waterproofing, sandpaper, sealants, duct tape, brush, roller, tray, and extension pole.
See the condition of the walls to be painted. If the wall is new, wait …

Basic Knowledge of Home Wall Painting

Sunday, February 9, 2014 Category: Decoration, Tips and Tricks

Couple with Wall PaintPainting the walls is not simply applying paint to the walls. For the maximum results, there are special painting wall techniques for this job, including how to choose the type and color according to the present trend.
If the old paint is still perfectly attached on the wall yet there is stubborn dirt you can remove, you can simply do repainting.  Make sure you sand the walls before repainting the wall, and also wash it with water.
It is better not to dilute the paint directly on the can packaging except if …

Paint These 5 Objects to Make Your Home Look More Attractive

Friday, February 7, 2014 Category: Decoration, Tips and Tricks

Wooden Interior Design with Leather SofaHome renovation doesn’t always require a lot of money and time. By painting several parts of your house, you can get a satisfying low cost home remodeling result. Paint the following five things and get ready to welcome your new home decoration.
1 . Furniture
Do not be afraid to choose a bold color especially if the walls are in a neutral color. But before trying so, you should prepare some tools that can help make all the corners of furniture to get the same color.
2 . Mirror frames
Plain mirror is …

Chinoiserie Style: An Inviting Home Decor for Chinese New Year

Thursday, January 30, 2014 Category: Decoration, Design Literature

Chinoiserie Interior Home DecorFor those of you who celebrate the Chinese New Year, decorating your home with the lunar theme can bring more joy and happiness. To welcome the Chinese New Year, let’s try designing a dream home with Chinoiserie style. This style is a combination of European and Asian style which is designed elegantly and symmetrically. It blends the classic European furniture and decoration with a touch of the traditional Asian accents. This combination results in an Asian traditional design which is elegant and light because the color and complex details have …