Saturday, May 25, 2019

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Exterior Home Renovation Tips to Make an Old Home Look Attractive

Sunday, January 12, 2014 Category: Exterior Designs, Tips and Tricks

Inviting Exterior Home with PorchDon’t neglect the exterior when you renovate your home. A bad home exterior will also influence the value and the sale value of your home. If you are planning a home renovation budget, consider making your exterior way more beautiful than your interior home. Here are some tips on home exterior renovation you need to know.
Several things to consider
Some houses have an exterior which is easy to change and renovate. For instance, houses in the 50s or 70s are easier to be renovated than houses in 80s which have many …

8 Functions of Your Home Balcony

Monday, November 25, 2013 Category: Exterior Designs

Small Balcony IdeaA balcony has a length, width, and height. The standard size is calculated based on the people’s minimum standard movement. Because of its location which is on the top floor, a balcony also must meet the standards of strength and sturdiness. This standard is intended to prevent the users from any balcony accident.  As a space, balcony functions continue to grow. What are those functions? Here is the brief information about the functions of a balcony.

Balcony as the expansion of space. Because it is directly attached to the room on …

9 Principles in Outdoor Lighting Design for Your Exterior Home

Friday, November 22, 2013 Category: Exterior Designs, Lighting

Modern Exterior Home with Cool LightingIn addition to reducing the aesthetics, lack of lighting is able to disturb the security of the home, especially during the night. It can invite criminals, given the number of sides of the building that are not exposed to light. Moreover, in terms of comfort, lack of exterior lighting can cause accidents, since some façade and garden element materials are hard, sharp and slick.
Feel confused in determining the proper and functional exterior lighting systems? Here are some tips that you can follow to apply lighting on the exterior of your …

4 Parameters of Healthy Fishpond Water

Saturday, November 9, 2013 Category: Exterior Designs

Cool Garden Design with FishpondTo get a healthy fishpond, you have to maintain the condition of the water in a good and healthy condition. Healthy pond water conditions will make the fish not get sick.
There are at least four water quality parameters that need to be taken to ensure that your pool is always in a good health condition. Those four parameters include water temperature, acidity and basicity, oxygen content, and salt content
The water temperature
The water temperature can affect the growth of aquatic vegetation and oxygen demand in the pond. The increase of water …

How to Create a Mood in Your Gazebo

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 Category: Exterior Designs

Traditional Wooden Gazebo DesignThere are various ways to create moods in a gazebo. The simple way can be started from the furniture arrangement and accessory placement.
When arranging the gazebo furniture, we should take the gazebo design into account. An ethnic style design usually has a leveled floor or stage floor with a height of 30 cm – 50 cm from the ground. This floor is suitable for furniture without arms and legs. This furniture is usually shaped seat with a triangle backrest. The backrest is removable, allowing you to make it a long …