Monday, June 17, 2019

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Charming Garden Concept Idea with Perfect Plant Arrangement

Sunday, May 8, 2011 Category: Garden Designs

Gorgeous Elegant Charming Front Yard Garden Concept With Wonderful Plant ArrangementThis garden concept is named in “Old Wold Charm”. According to the name, this garden can give you a charming atmosphere at your outdoor space if you adapted this garden concept at your spacious outdoor space whether at front yard, backyard, driveways, walkways, etc.. This garden is designed with very detailed in European Countryside style that very beautiful and gorgeous. The European style can be seen by the flower and other trees that planted on this garden. The flower and trees also arrange perfectly and artistically to make the garden …

Beautiful Alaska Style Garden Concept with Pretty Colourful Flower

Saturday, May 7, 2011 Category: Garden Designs

Fantastic Exotic And Wonderful Garden Concept With Simple Garden ArborThis garden is inspiring with Alaska style that planted with many trees and flower. The flower that planted on this garden also vary colourful and beautiful. Because there are many kids of flower that planted on this garden, this garden can offers a freshing perfume. The simple garden arbor on this garden design also can make this garden looks more stunning and this garden concept also can be used as a place to held a party like wedding party because the garden arbor will decorated the wedding party beautifully. There …

Creating an Beautiful Balancing Organic Vegetable Garden to Support Your Healthy Life

Thursday, May 5, 2011 Category: Garden Designs

Beautiful Brilliant Harmonious Vegetable Garden Concept at Swimming Pool SideAccording to many information from the television or healthy magazine, vegetable and fruit is very important and useful because it contain many vitamin and mineral. If you want to keep your healthy, eat more fruit and vegetable but you should choose the organic fruit and vegetable because the pesticide that used to keep the vegetable pant from pests is not healthy.
To make you sure that the vegetable that you eat is organic vegetable, why you don’t plant the vegetable at your garden and this garden concept maybe can be your …

Unique Outdoor & Indoor Garden Design

Sunday, March 6, 2011 Category: Garden Designs, Interior Designs

Gorgeaous Small Outdoor GardenMake gardening easy. Spend time in your garden. Grow a theme garden. The location of the garden should be determined by several factors: sunlight, soil conditions, water and wind exposure. Take notes on when this area of the yard is exposed to sunshine. This can determine which plants will thrive there. Outdoor garden is common, but how if you can bring your garden, to indoor?
Well, maybe this pictures can be your inspiring you about where will you create your indoor garden just to make your home more green, or even because you do …

Creative Decorating Ideas that Gives Girly Atmosphere

Sunday, January 2, 2011 Category: Garden Designs, Interior Designs, Living Room Ideas

Cute Colourful Kitchen ConceptWhen I surfing in internet I find a house with colorful model and playful atmosphere home design. This home colour dominan with girly colour type, like orange, purple, violet, yellow, etc. Living area is designed in open floor plan and make the area looks fun and interesting. The kitchen is quite small and comes in cheerful colors combination of green, pink, orange, yellow, and blue.
Meanwhile the bedroom is fully furnished in pink theme, which makes it looks very beautiful and girly atmosphere. Interior and kitchen designed by American designer Image …