Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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3 Simple Ways to Take Care for Indoor Plants

Sunday, June 1, 2014 Category: Garden Designs

Fresh Interior with Indoor PlantsIndoor gardens not only make the look of your home more attractive, but also clean the air in it. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough time to take care of the plants in the house. In fact, plants also need attention from their owners.
Here we share several tips to maintain your indoor plants easily:
First of all, we recommend that you bring only several plants into the house. You can use these plants as a table decoration. Put them in the middle of the dining table or on the edge of your …

4 Simple Steps to Make a Low Cost Garden

Friday, May 30, 2014 Category: Garden Designs

Minimalist Backyard Garden DesignIf you have a house with a modern minimalist exterior and interior, you can add it with a similar style garden. In addition to looking fresh, the minimalist garden can be suitable with the design of the house.
Unfortunately, the process of making something that looks simple, such as a minimalist garden, is actually complicated and costly. Because of this, just do the following rules on how to make a low cost garden on your own.
First, determine the boundaries. The boundary does not only include making a fence, but also the …

Zen Pond: Presenting a Dry Pond inside Your House

Monday, May 26, 2014 Category: Garden Designs

Zen Garden DesignA pond or garden can serve as an open space in your home. The purpose of the open space is to provide better aeration. An open space is also important to provide comfort for everyone who lives in a house. Unfortunately most people do not feel like having a pool or garden in the house because of the tricky maintenance: the process of cleaning, replacement of the pool water regularly to keep it clear, especially when you have pets.
However, did you know that there are types of ponds that don’t …

2 Ways to Green a House with a Limited Space

Friday, March 21, 2014 Category: Garden Designs

Aweseome Rooftop Garden DesignHaving a narrow house doesn’t mean that you cannot go green. Generally, a go-green house is characterized by the atmosphere obtained, both inside the house and around it. The characteristic which is most easily recognized is the presence of plants or vegetations. The existence of shady trees, various shrubs, evergreen plants, up to potted plants becomes the mainstay in creating a beautiful atmosphere at home. With a garden, a house will feel comfortable to live in, especially during summer.
Roof garden
For those of you who want to make a green home …

5 Myths about Green Roofs You Should Know

Thursday, March 13, 2014 Category: Garden Designs

Roof Garden with City ViewSo far, you may only find out the roof is made of tiles and asbestos. But, have you ever thought about green roof?
A green roof is a living roof which vegetates and grows. The roof is made of a waterproof layer which is fitted with drainage as a growing medium for plants. Green roof is home to a variety of plants, including grasses and flowers.
Many people are mistaken about the green roof, starting from the idea of difficult treatment until the expensive cost. The following are myths about green roof …