Thursday, April 24, 2014

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4 Creative Ideas to Decorate the Staircases in Your Home

Friday, February 28, 2014 Category: Home Accessories

Staircase Wall Decoration with PhotographsImage credit:
Want to create a new twist on a corner of the house? Well, the stairwell which is often left plain can actually be made into an attractive space. There are 4 ideas that can be applied and can be done to decorate the staircase in your house:
Try to go around this by adding adhesive double-sided tape instead of regular glue. Trim the wallpaper with a little smoother tool so that no bubbles are visible and it gets neater. To make it look more solid you can spray Krylon …

Some Options of Window Styles and Types for Your Home

Saturday, February 15, 2014 Category: Home Accessories

Comfortable Interior Design with Glass WindowsCan you imagine a house without windows? The windows not only provide natural light, but also warmth, ventilation, and help determine the style of your home.
Window styles
Before determining what window you want to create in your home, let’s learn about some kinds of windows and how to customize it to your needs.

Double hung. It is a window type that has two panels that can slide up and down and can be opened either from the top or bottom.
Single hung. It is a double- hung window, but the top sling (panel) …

Creative Ideas to Decorate Walls with Memorable Photographs

Saturday, January 18, 2014 Category: Home Accessories

Wall Decoration with PhotosA photograph can talk about a lot of things. If you would like to share with others, display your memorable photographs which are laid out in such an attractive way. The composition, color, angle when taking the picture, and the way to display it determines how interesting the photograph is.
It really needs creativity in putting the photograph. For instance, you can display some framed photographs in the same size on the wall behind the sofa. To add a cheerful look, give a touch of bright colors. You can also place …

The Uniqueness of Floating Staircase Designs

Thursday, September 12, 2013 Category: Home Accessories

Elegant Interior Design with Wooden Floating StairsStairs function not only as a connector between floors, but can also become a decorative element in your interior design. Floating staircase designs are popular among home owners as a way to create a creative and unique element in an interior. The steps are designed in an attractive look as if they floated.
These steps can be made from steel or concrete structures that will be planted on the wall in which the wall should made of certain material specification such as by adding iron bones. This kind of stair design …

Tips to Design Your Dream Home Theater

Sunday, September 8, 2013 Category: Home Accessories

Elegant Home Theater DesignWhen designing a home theatre, we should think about every detail carefully. We should know that a system cannot stand on its own, but integrated with the devices used. The system and devices certainly need a room which meets certain criteria. Well, today we share the steps in choosing and placing devices so that your home theater can have the best performance.
Step one
Choose a screen which you really wish. To set up the home theater, you should have a screen of 28 inch at minimum. Here are four types of …