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The Uniqueness of Floating Staircase Designs

Thursday, September 12, 2013 Category: Home Accessories

Elegant Interior Design with Wooden Floating StairsStairs function not only as a connector between floors, but can also become a decorative element in your interior design. Floating staircase designs are popular among home owners as a way to create a creative and unique element in an interior. The steps are designed in an attractive look as if they floated.
These steps can be made from steel or concrete structures that will be planted on the wall in which the wall should made of certain material specification such as by adding iron bones. This kind of stair design …

Tips to Design Your Dream Home Theater

Sunday, September 8, 2013 Category: Home Accessories

Elegant Home Theater DesignWhen designing a home theatre, we should think about every detail carefully. We should know that a system cannot stand on its own, but integrated with the devices used. The system and devices certainly need a room which meets certain criteria. Well, today we share the steps in choosing and placing devices so that your home theater can have the best performance.
Step one
Choose a screen which you really wish. To set up the home theater, you should have a screen of 28 inch at minimum. Here are four types of …

Tips to Create a Beautiful Staircase Light Design

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Category: Home Accessories

Modern Open StaircaseIn addition to facilitating people to move from one floor to another, stairs are now part of elements to add an aesthetic value to a house. If the stairs are well designed, they can make a home interior look more interesting and beautiful.
To have a beautiful staircase design, we should pay attention to the lighting of the stairs which also includes the factors of safety and beauty. Safety means the lights should not be too bright and blare. Thus, people can see everything clearly when passing the stairs, especially at …

6 Smart Ideas to Design an Under Stair Space in Your Home

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 Category: Home Accessories

Under Stairs StorageWhen planning to design a multi-storey home, it is suggested that we consider the use of stairs as an access to and from the upper floors. The construction of the stairs often leaves an empty space beneath, which is actually can be used for another functional space. Then, what kind of functional space can we design there? Well, the following are some smart ideas to design an under stair space.

A closet. The space under the stairs can be used as a kids’ closet by covering the room using a partition …

Artistic Spiral Staircase Design Which is Safe for All Family Members

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 Category: Family Room Ideas, Home Accessories

Simple Spiral StairSome people believe that spiral staircases belong to parts of arts in architecture. This kind of staircase, which has a central column where steps are set out in a spiral pattern, has been applied to ancient buildings hundred years ago. The construction of this ancient style stairs is not easy to imitate. Meanwhile, in a more modern building, spiral staircases are usually made higher with tight and neat steps. It is very appropriate for a small building whether it is a house, apartment, office, or other buildings.
From this spiral staircase …