Thursday, August 28, 2014

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Applying Open Kitchen Concept to Your Home

Saturday, August 23, 2014 Category: Kitchen Designs

Open Kitchen next to Living RoomOpen concept kitchen today is regarded as an interesting concept. No wonder if there are a number of home owners who want to have this open kitchen. In essence, an open kitchen concept at a café or restaurant is a concept in which every activity done in the kitchen such as food processing, cooking, and serving a dish can be seen by the visitors. This concept is also intended to show the quality of materials, food processing, and chef skills that processes the menus for a restaurant or café’s visitors.
In …

Interior Design Inspiration: Use Your Modern Kitchen as a Working Space

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 Category: Kitchen Designs

Modern Black White Kitchen with Mini BarHow to make a room more effective? The best answer would be by making it have more than function. For instance, you can use one room both as a living room and a working area. This idea is often used in a house with a limited area.
Well, maybe the idea of using one room both as a living room and a working space is already widely used. Let’s start something different. What about a kitchen and a work space? I bet not many people already applied this idea to their …

Most Germy Objects in the Kitchen

Friday, August 15, 2014 Category: Kitchen Designs

Nicely Organized Kitchen ToolsDid you know what the dirtiest place in the house is? Some of you might think the toilet seat is, since there are thousands of germs living there. However, there are actually many dirty spots in the house that become a nest for germs. For instance, a dishwashing sponge in the kitchen contains millions of microbes and germs that come from the eating utensils. What are the other things that can be a nest of germs in the kitchen?
Bottles / cans opener
Most people keep a can or bottle opener in the …

How to Save Energy in the Kitchen

Wednesday, August 6, 2014 Category: Kitchen Designs

Energy Efficient Kitchen Interior with Mini BarBelieve it or not, the amount of energy spent in a household is very big. This happens because appliances that use electrical power are usually considered more practical and efficient. People are often easily tempted to buy those electronic appliances without trying to calculate in advance how much  they pay for any energy that is also depleted.  Sp, it is a challenge for people to think about what the best way to save energy
One room in the house that is the most energy-intensive is the kitchen. The kitchen has some appliances …

5 Tips to Cook Safely in Your Kitchen

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Category: Kitchen Designs

Mom and Kid Cooking in the KitchenCooking is indeed a fun activity which requires carefulness. If you cook carelessly, you may deal with various problems which may harm you or your family members. Well, you can follow these cooking safety tips:
Things you need to consider before cooking
If you take your child to cook, make sure you keep dangerous objects out of your child’s reach. Ask your child to help you with easy jobs that will not harm him or her. You can keep curtains, towels, napkins or other flammable objects out of the stove, so you …