Saturday, May 25, 2019

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What to Consider When Designing an Outdoor Living Room

Friday, January 3, 2014 Category: Living Room Ideas

Contemporary Outdoor Living Space DesignOutdoor living room is part of modern house designs which becomes very popular in recent years. You still have plenty of time to think about the design of an outdoor living room where it will fit in with your home, without you worrying that it is considered as an outdated design. In designing the outdoor living room, there really is not much trouble. All you need is a place, budget, furniture, and of course a good plan. Thank God we live in this modern age when everything is so easy …

How to Create an Elegant Formal Living Room Design

Thursday, January 2, 2014 Category: Living Room Ideas

Living Room Design with FireplaceFormal living room is a living room designed for entertainment and conversation. There are several things to consider when you make a formal living room design, including making identification at the focal point, arranging furniture to optimize the view, and accessorizing based on the scale of wall space. Before purchasing formal living room furniture, it is better for you to plan the design. ┬áthat you can find the best size for individual pieces. As a result , the furniture and room layout has exact measurements and portion. In searching for …

Contemporary Living Room Trends: Less is Bore

Saturday, November 23, 2013 Category: Living Room Ideas

Contemporary Living Room with Modern FireplaceMinimalist design trend seems to be faltering. Today, contemporary home design is preferred in various circles. The more expressive design is considered to be able to meet the personal demands.
Contemporary style emerges as a form of response against minimalist style which is considered boring. The term “Less is more” counter with “Less is a bore”. It means that a completely plain design feel way less ‘exciting’ and hollow. This explains why the contemporary style begins to creep up. The essence of contemporary style is the intention to show characters in …

Two Colors for Great Living Room Color Schemes

Monday, September 9, 2013 Category: Living Room Ideas

Pink White Living Room Design IdeaSome of you might get confused when choosing or combining colors for your living room. You might also wonder what colors are suitable for it. One way to determine the color for your living room is by adjusting it to the theme of the whole interior design of your house.
Or, you can use your favorite color. For instance, if you like light colors, you can paint your living room with those colors. Thus, you can feel a cheerful and warm impression within the room. If you want to apply softer …

How to Design a Comfortable Living Room

Saturday, August 24, 2013 Category: Living Room Ideas

Modern Living Room with an Abstract PaintingYou can design your living room in any concept which is in accordance with your taste, such as minimalist, retro, Gothic, traditional, or rustic style. To make the living room feel more comfortable, you can add some bright colors there. You can also put some additional furniture to make the room not look empty.
When planning to make a living room, there are several things should be considered. The reason is, a living room should not only be comfortable, but also have a fascinating aesthetic value. The following are some tips …