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Inspiring Simplest Modern Office Design Interior of Fujitsu New Zealand

Friday, November 4, 2011 Category: Interior Designs, Office Designs

Nice and Representative Fujitsu Office Reception DeskThis Fujitsu office in New Zealand use the modern and dynamic design for their office. We can see clearly that this office want to impress their client by showing their warmth and dignity of Japanese company from the entire interior in the building. The reception table was design in stylish and glossy appeal to support the perfect combination between wooden eastern style to the modern style. The lighting in this building also made not in very bright but warmth light to make the client feel more comfort being in the …

Inspirative Nice Eco-Green Office Design with Arrangement Plants for Fresh Look

Sunday, October 23, 2011 Category: Interior Designs, Office Designs

Modern Contemporary Office interior Style with Wooden Flooring and Nice PlantsImage Credit: largeofficeplants
Green life style is getting increasingly popular since people became more aware on the importance of preserving the nature. There are many ways to participate in maintaining a green and clean environment. As people plant more trees and use less oil fueled vehicle, we can also start participating right from our home or even office. Many offices or business area are now implementing green design on their interior. One of the easiest way can be done by simply put plants inside buildings. Plants in pots placed in office …

The Most Inspirative Meeting Room with Extraordinary Interior

Thursday, October 20, 2011 Category: Decoration, Interior Designs, Office Designs

Extraordinary Meeting room Interior in Awkward Cave Room designImage Credit: beinteriordecorator
In an office, there is always a meeting room that is used when a company or management held a meeting or other important activities such as presentation and negotiation. A meeting room usually furnished with big tables and many chairs. Nowadays, some company prefer making meeting rooms with well-designed interior. They believe that amazing atmosphere in a beautiful meeting room interior can increase company’s performance. In a fabulous and stylish modern meeting room, presentations and negotiations with clients are considered more conducive in bringing good results. Modern interior …

Fascinating and Comfortable Waiting Room for Better Office Impressions

Thursday, October 13, 2011 Category: Interior Designs, Office Designs

Minimalist Awkward Waiting Room With Plain walls ColorImage Credit: wix
Have you ever have someone visiting you in your office? It’s a common thing because office is not just a workplace for you or other employees. Some visitors or guests may have business that require them to visit to your office. A waiting room is also an important place in an office besides other rooms. People who want to meet a person work in an office are often have to wait in a waiting room. Nonetheless, waiting room should be designed and built with some consideration for it …

Simple Luxurious and Credible-Looking Interior Design of GI&E Office in Italy

Sunday, September 11, 2011 Category: Interior Designs, Office Designs

Stylish and Luxurious Executive Suite Interior Design of GI&E Office in ItalyCharacterized by sleek lines, modern materials and a clean look, contemporary office furniture gives your business place an upbeat look. With high gloss finishes and colorful touches, this furniture helps your business pop. Giving the impression of efficiency and energy, much of the new contemporary furnishings helps you maintaina  professionel yet fun look to the work place. The selection of contemporary furnishings continues to grow to meet an ever increasing demand. Contemporary office furniture has replaced the heavy stodgy look of traditional furnishings in many businesses. For a company that …