Saturday, May 25, 2019

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How to Make an Old House Look New

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 Category: Uncategorized

Bright Fresgh Blue Interior with Woden FlooringThe lack of budget to buy a new home is often a reason that causes people to be quite satisfied buying a second home. Being the second and used does not necessarily mean not good. If the building of the old home is still strong, sturdy, safe, with clear home ownership documents, you do not need to hesitate to live there. You can later do a little home renovation to make it look attractive like a new home.
You certainly need furniture to fill the interior of your home. Sometimes the …

Good Feng Shui Numbers for Home

Thursday, November 20, 2014 Category: Uncategorized

House Number 7Numbers, one through ten, have different meanings. In Feng Shui, numbers which attracts negative energy should be avoided.
There are some numbers that have negative impacts and positive impacts. First, you must know the meaning of each number before determining house number for your home. If you want good luck and fortune, then choose house number that is going to bring positive energy to your home.
Meaning of negative energy numbers
Numbers two, three, five, and seven actually have a positive meaning, but Feng Shui sees some negative energy of the four numbers. …

Bringing the Colors of Fire Element for Good Home Interior Feng Shui

Monday, November 17, 2014 Category: Uncategorized

Contemporary Red White Dining RoomChoosing colors for your home interior could be a challenging task. You have to consider a lot of things in order to create a comfortable and beautiful home interior, including the Feng Shui.
Bringing the fire element into the home interior is another challenge. To do so, you can apply some fire colors in your house which include red, pink, yellow, orange and purple. Fortunately, you cannot carelessly use those colors since each color has its own meaning.
Red for wealth
Red means spirit, like the flames. It encourages the house occupants, you, …

6 Things for a Good House Plan Feng Shui

Monday, November 17, 2014 Category: Uncategorized

Retro House ExteriorFeng Shui is a topography science from China which has a huge influence for its adherents. One such influence can be seen when they want to build a house.
Feng Shui has its own set of rules for building a house so that it brings good luck and fortune for the house owners and occupants. Feng Shui studies and teaches that the layout of each room in a house or building should be able to adapt to the nature, so that it creates a healthy and comfortable occupancy, and give positive effects …

Easy Tips to Create Classic Living Room Decoration

Friday, November 14, 2014 Category: Uncategorized

Comfortable Classic Living Room DecorPresenting a classic atmosphere within your living room can make your house look classy. Then, how to do it?
If you plan to have classic interior living room decoration, you can start by choosing the right flooring materials. There are two types of materials you can choose, namely ceramics and wood. You can choose one based on your taste and wish.
If you want to create a luxury classic living room, you’d better choose ceramic flooring. It is because ceramic is sturdy and comfortable for your feet. There are also various design …